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People might feel a little hesitant about changing up their hairstyle, especially while they’re already using hair extensions. Changing hair colour can feel a little too extreme, and a perm may be too much of a commitment over the next few months that you simply aren’t ready for.

Luckily, there’s a small subtle change you can make that can be quite the difference to your face shape and how you look: hair parts. Hair parts can be a catalyst to your appearance in real life and pictures, and it doesn’t take a lot to change.

Here are some of the best hair parts you can use with hair extensions.

Perfecting the Middle Part

Most people don’t think they can pull off the middle part, where their hair is split in the centre. However, it’s quite a misconception. A middle part is a basic hair part that extremely flatters a woman’s face regardless of face shape. It’s especially good for women who have rounder faces that want to elongate their features a little.

Hair extensions also bode well on the middle part to boost the symmetrical and voluminous locks by the middle and tips of your hair, and you don’t have to apply them any differently than usual. All you need is a comb to eyeball the middle of your hair and parting it. Hair accessories can also go well on this easy-to-do style.

Tucking a Left or Right Side Part

Although side parts are the most common among women, people may want to try doing a slight shift and reversing which side their hair is tucked into. You never know if you’re going to discover that your left or right side is your good side.

Hair extensions can still be applied the same way as they usually are. All that you have to finesse is the front top part of your natural hair. You can clip back the part of your hair being tucked behind your ear or even try old school accessories to pin your hair back.

Flipping a Deep Side Part

A deep side part can do wonders for women who want to emphasise their jawline, and it showcases an opportunity to show off ear jewellery. Especially when one side is curled, it’s quite an elegant and classy look.

Extensions are clipped in as usual, with just a minor adjustment depending on how deep you want the side part. Before the last two layers of hair extensions, we recommend doing the side part and adjusting the sectioning of the weaves with that in mind.

Creating a Slick Back

Very few people pull off a slick back look that just eliminates any hair part because it fully exposes one’s face. However, a slick back is just such a red carpet-like look that can be such a serve when done and carried well.

Most people are intimidated by the slick back because it essentially means flattening the hair. However, adding extensions can help compensate for that lost volume; just brush it over with your natural hair and use some hairspray to keep everything looking wet.


Most people might not even notice a change in your hair part when they finally see you, but they are likely to notice a shift in how your face looks. With full hair extensions, try out some of these hair parts while at home and check the mirror to see what you like.

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