3rd May 2024

Heatless Hairstyles

Heatless Hairstyles

The conversation around haircare has evolved significantly in recent years. Trends have changed, and we now want more from our haircare products in terms of damage restoration and protection. In the quest for stunning hairstyles, minimizing heat exposure is essential for maintaining healthy locks and full ends without the use of harsh chemicals or complex treatments.

Heatless hairstyles not only protect your lengths from frying and frazzling, but also offer versatility and creativity. Just because you want to minimize your use of heated tools, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice a put-together appearance!

Whatever your hair length, there are countless techniques and tools for creating gorgeous styles while allowing your hair a break from fussing and faffing. In this blog, we explore our favourite heatless hairstyles and care products, expanding on how you can incorporate hair extensions for volume and length.

Braided Mermaid Waves

This is one of the most straightforward methods to add a wavey texture to your hair. All you need to know is a simple three-strand braid technique! For looser waves, opt for one or two larger braids. For kinky waves opt for several, tight plaits. To achieve the wavey look from your roots, trial Dutch or French braiding techniques that begin further up the head.

Begin on slightly damp hair, preferably the night before you want to wear the finished style. If desired (but not necessary) you can add a light mousse or sea salt spray for grip and hold. Braid your hair in a technique of your choice. Sleep on the style overnight so that it dries in place without the need for heat. Unravel in the morning, and separate the waves with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Sock Curls

This heatless hairstyling method creates bouncy curls, using just a pair of clean socks and some elastic hair ties! Begin by using one hand to place the sock at the top of your head in front of your parting. Wrap small diagonal sections of hair around the sock, pulling the hair away from your face. Gradually add more hair as you twist round the sock, moving toward the back of your head. The smaller the sections and tighter you wrap, the more defined the curls will be. Once you’ve completed the full length of your hair, tie off the ends with an elastic band.

To sleep in the style without risking it loosening, wrap the hair sock into small buns and tie in place to secure. Gently unravel in the morning to reveal your soft curls. Apply a light touch of hair oil to smooth flyaways and add shine without weighing down the look.

Classic Ponytail

Embrace your hair’s natural texture with a classic ponytail. You don’t need heat to achieve a variety of different updo styles that start with a ponytail. Customize the look with the addition of braids or a slick back finish for a creative, casual, or more polished appearance.

Add extra length and thickness to your ponytail with our Remy clip in extensions. Super easy to style, they have the stunning look and feel of your natural hair without the damage or fuss of using heated tools!

Hair Care

Whether you’re trying to recover your locks or prevent future damage, our premium hair care range is formulated by experts to give you a salon fresh feeling every wash day. Give dry ends a moisturizing boost with our Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask. The multipurpose Luxury Gold Oil can also be used as heat and UV protection prior to styling, repairing your locks with a powerful blend of collagen, argan oil, and keratin.

We hope you enjoyed our deep dive on heatless hairstyles. Tag us on socials if you give them a try!