Explore a selection of hair brushes and brush combs here at Foxy Locks for the easy styling of your hair and all your extensions. If you’re looking for the perfect way to unknot and smooth out your extensions or natural hair, our specially-designed hair brushes with separated nylon bristles are ideal for gently detangling without causing any breakage. Need some extra volume and body? Try teasing our backcombing brush combs at the roots of your hair for instant oomph.

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Can this shampoo be used for both natural hair and extensions?

This shampoo can be used for both your normal hair and our amazing hair extensions. This range of products will quickly become a must-have and makes your hair feel and smell incredible.

I just received my latte blonde extensions along with the curling wand, and I was wondering what would be the best temperature to set the curling wand at for my hair extension?

We always suggest using a heat no higher than 170 c and to use a heat protectant!

How many times a week can this mask be used for the 10-minute mark as well when doing the overnight treatment? Don’t want to damage my hair with over use.

This would depend on your natural hair! However, for best results we would advise using as an overnight treatment or 10 minute mask once a week.


At Foxy Locks, we provide a varied range of hair brushes and brush combs to keep your natural locks and hair extensions smooth, glossy and tangle-free. If you find yourself frequently tackling tangles or teasing knots out of your tresses, our specially designed detangling hair brush is the perfect solution. Ideal for both your natural hair and hair extensions, its separated nylon bristles gently detangle and glide through your hair without pulling or causing breakage.


Hair lacking volume? To get that extra bit of body and oomph at your roots, try our backcombing brush combs. Simply tease your hair at the root around your head for effortless volume in an instant. Whether it’s volume, smoothing or detangling you need, our hair brushes and brush combs have been specially designed to keep your hair neat, healthy and help you achieve your best ‘dos every time.