25th Apr 2024

The Secret to Big Hair

The Secret to Big Hair

That’s why her hair’s so big, it’s full of secrets…

We’re here to debunk the popular Mean Girls quote, and lift the lid on all the actual best kept secrets to unlocking big hair!

In 2024, we’re lucky enough to be living in a time of big hair revival. From eighties feathered layers to glamorous bouncy blow-dries, big hair is back in a huge way. Think Miley Cyrus at the 2024 Grammys. It’s not a sweeping trend, it’s a lifestyle!

Gravity defying hair is credited as being popularised in the 1980s, a decade known for its excess. Women and men sported long tresses and curly perms, hairsprayed rigid to absurd heights. Madonna is an icon of the larger-than-life hair styling trend of the era, a huge influence on pop culture and beauty trends alike.

The perm is a notable method to add volume and height to your hair through altering your natural texture. This involves using chemicals to break down the structure of the hair strand, wrapping the full length of the hair tightly around rods, and resetting with another round of chemicals to shape and set into curls or waves. The tightness of the curls depends on the thickness of the rods.

A modern alternative is the root perm, where the same chemical process and rod application applies, but only to the first 2-3 inches of hair. Boosting volume at the scalp, the root perm removes the need for excessive products and teasing, as a low maintenance way to bring life to flat or fine hair. A root perm also means less overall damage to the hair, as the chemicals only need to be applied to a small section rather than throughout the entire length. This technique is completely customizable, tailored to your individual taste and desired look!

The bouncy blow-dry is the modern equivalent to the disco curls of decades gone by. Bringing a contemporary twist to the meaning of big hair. We have a separate post dedicated entirely to perfecting this technique, why not have a read?

Many people may struggle with their natural hair not holding enough volume or being too short to achieve the glory of big hair. This is where hair extensions come in! High quality, Remy extensions can add undetectable volume, seamlessly blending with your natural locks for a fuller appearance. Whether you opt for a clip in or tape in application, there is a variety of hair extension to suit every preference and hair type.

Choosing Remy extensions is key to ensuring longevity, minimal shedding, and ease of styling. You can use heated tools as normal, being careful to minimize damage to your natural locks and extensions with protectant products. This makes Remy hair extensions a perfect addition for the versatility of everyday wear or for special occasions.

Maintaining big hair and ensuring it lasts requires the correct combination of products and tools. It is important to maintain a clean, healthy scalp and full ends to achieve volume and thickness. It is equally important to take care of your extensions, extending their softness throughout their continued use. Here are some top product picks that can help maintain the health of your hair and extensions, while providing that coveted volume:

Volumizing Shampoos and Conditioners. These products are designed to add lift at the roots without weighing hair down. Look for labels that mention "volumizing" or "thickening."

Lightweight Mousse. A good mousse can add body and structure to hair. Apply it to damp hair before styling to help create lasting volume.

Heat Protectant Sprays. Using heat to style your hair can damage both natural locks and extensions. A quality heat protectant will shield hair from thermal damage, keeping it healthy and resilient.

Dry Shampoo. Perfect for touch-ups, dry shampoo can lift the roots and absorb oil, giving your hair a volume boost on non-wash days.

Texturizing Spray. To add a tousled look with extra hold, spritz on some texturizing salt spray. It provides grip and volume without the stiffness of traditional hairspray.

Velcro Rollers and Round Brushes. Essentials for the bouncy blow-dry, these two tools make a dreamy duo for adding height and volume to your look.