When it comes to styling your hair, a couple of snap hair clips are a basic essential to have on hand in your hair kit. Here at Foxy Locks, our set of snap hair clips features three different natural shades of black, brown and blonde to mix and match or blend seamlessly into your hair. Easy to keep in your handbag or pocket for on-the-go styling, whether you’re pinning back loose hairs in an up-do, accessorising or simply keeping your hair out of your face, snap hair clips are a must-have.

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Can this shampoo be used for both natural hair and extensions?

This shampoo can be used for both your normal hair and our amazing hair extensions. This range of products will quickly become a must-have and makes your hair feel and smell incredible.

I just received my latte blonde extensions along with the curling wand, and I was wondering what would be the best temperature to set the curling wand at for my hair extension?

We always suggest using a heat no higher than 170 c and to use a heat protectant!

How many times a week can this mask be used for the 10-minute mark as well when doing the overnight treatment? Don’t want to damage my hair with over use.

This would depend on your natural hair! However, for best results we would advise using as an overnight treatment or 10 minute mask once a week.


Here at Foxy Locks, we’ve got all the accessories you need for achieving a range of hairstyles, including super-handy snap hair clips. Whether you’re keeping an intricate up-do in place, clipping back your fringe or simply using them as a chic accessory, snap hair clips are incredibly versatile and one of the most useful hair accessories to have to hand.


Our snap hair clips come in a pack of six natural shades: two black, two brown and two light blonde pairs for you to choose from. You can mix and match, pick one that stands out against your hair colour or blend them discreetly into your locks to keep them in place all day. Ideal for a range of uses and small enough to fit your hair styling kit, in your handbag or in your pocket when you’re on the go, when it comes to hair accessories, snap hair clips are the ultimate essential.