10th Apr 2024

Cowboy Copper and the Rise of Red Hair

Cowboy Copper and the Rise of Red Hair

Cowboy copper rose to mass popularity in the Autumn Winter season of 2023. As with most modern beauty trends, it began its growth on TikTok and has yet to slow down - even as we’re well into 2024! We’re no stranger to rich, fiery tones – but what makes this so special? Let’s deep dive on the hottest hair colour to take social media by storm.

Firstly, we’ve all been loving the Western references in pop culture as of late. Beyoncé has just dropped her Cowboy Carter album, Pinterest predicted a huge rise in interest of country aesthetics for 2024, and ‘Coastal Cowgirl’ dressing is snowballing in the fashion landscape. Everywhere we look, there is no escaping the increasing influence of the American Old West.

We’re also no stranger to copper hair tones, after seeing Kendall Jenner, Zendaya and Doja Cat sport fiery hues back in 2022. Cowboy Copper blends traditional copper with deep auburn tones, giving the appearance of effortlessly cool, subtle touches of red. Think of rich leather and rust, rather than bright orange and gold.

If you’re considering taking the plunge on the cowboy copper hair colour, here are some important things to consider:

Making a drastic change to your appearance, especially dyeing your hair, may take some lengthy research and consideration. Source plenty of inspiration imagery, picking up on specific details if you can. Work out your skin undertones to figure out which shade of copper might be most flattering for you. Understand that if you have naturally darker locks, you may need a round of lightening or bleach for the red colour to stick and stand out. Attend a consultation with a professional hair stylist who can further advise on the process and navigate the direction to achieve your hair goals.

Proper hair care is paramount to maintaining a vibrant copper shade. For non-natural red heads, the vibrant pigments require frequent upkeep to prevent fading. Expect to book top up colouring sessions every couple of months, with at-home toning also suggested between appointments. Make sure to do a strand test prior to adding any colour to your locks, ensuring that your hair can withstand the stress.

Always wash your hair in cooler temperatures, as warm water will open up the follicle and allow the colour to seep out. Invest in tailored products for colour treated locks, ensuring maximum nourishment to retain moisture. Always apply heat protection before using heated styling tools.

If you’re looking to add extra length and thickness to your fresh cowboy copper locks, you’ve come to the right place! Our red shades in Cinnamon Ginger and Mahogany are perfect for elevating your natural hair. With our luxury Remy red hair extensions, you can achieve dreamy volume with ease. For a seamless blend, our silk seamless weft design discretely attaches at your roots to sit flat against your scalp.

Enjoy the beautiful depth and warmth of the cowboy copper trend, keep an eye on our socials for toffee toned #hairspo!