17th Apr 2024

Clean Girl Hairstyles

Clean Girl Hairstyles

If you haven’t heard of the Clean Girl trend by now, you must have been living under the biggest rock available. Having taken social media (namely TikTok) by storm, the ‘Clean Girl Aesthetic’ is less of a fleeting beauty or fashion trend and more of a wider lifestyle movement. It is characterised by a simple and natural look that centres glowing skin, neat hairstyles, and understated makeup routines.

The goal? An immaculately pristine, put-together appearance that communicates a focus on health and wellbeing, highlighting your best features. Think neutral colour schemes, subtle gold jewellery, green juice, and yoga as pivotal components of the Clean Girl in action.

We’ve discussed the Clean Girl Aesthetic in a previous blog post, touching on the general lifestyle, beauty, and fashion choices. In this edition, we’ll be exclusively exploring the ultimate Clean Girl hairstyles. Read on to find out more!

Clean Girl Hair Colour

For the Clean Girl, natural hair is the way forward. The Clean Girl may occasionally sport some sun-kissed highlights, or a low maintenance balayage, but no vivid brights to be seen here! Hair colour maintenance will be top of the agenda, with a hard no to grown out roots or patchy, DIY box dye jobs. The Clean Girl perfectly matches her natural colour to her Remy hair extensions, achieving a seamless blend. With over twenty Foxy Locks shades to choose from, and a dedicated, expert colour matching service available, this is an easy and straightforward process!

Clean Girl Hair Care

The Clean Girl is dedicated to wellness and self-care, particularly when it comes to their hair. This is exhibited in the use of premium haircare products and a committed routine. Taking good care of your locks is a key priority, and the foundation of any stunning hairstyle. Regular trims are a necessity to ensure you have no visible split ends. Hydrating treatments and nourishing masks are an essential, preventing dryness and damage from occurring. Specially formulated Shampoo and Conditioner duos are highly recommended, maintaining a super-soft feel and shiny appearance.

Aside from the regular hair wash schedule, the Clean Girl also uses Luxury Gold Oil, infused with Argan Oil, Collagen and Keratin to keep up a glossy sheen and restore fullness to the hair. Using as a pre-wash treatment is particularly effective to stimulate hair follicles into new growth. Simply use the dropper tool to disperse the product throughout various partings all over the scalp. Once the hair is saturated, use your finger tips or a scalp massaging tool to gently invigorate the scalp. Leave the oil to sit for a minimum of twenty minutes, or overnight, before double shampooing to cleanse the hair completely.

Clean Girl Hair Styles

The sleek ponytail is a mainstay in the Clean Girl’s styling routine. Here’s how to achieve the look, with the additional option of achieving extra lengths with our Clip In Ponytail:

  • Brush your hair to smooth and detangle.
  • Pull back into a low ponytail at the nape and secure with a hair tie.
  • Attach the extension by locating the comb on the base of the extension, sliding it underneath your ponytail’s hair tie.
  • Wrap the Velcro strap around your ponytail tightly until it’s fully secure.
  • Take a small strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base to cover the Velcro and hair tie. Pin underneath with grips if needed.
  • Use a light hold hairspray and fine-tooth comb to smooth any flyaways.

If wearing your hair down is more appealing, why not try the Clean Girl’s favourite soft waves? Use this overnight curl method to avoid heat damage:

  • The night before you want to wear this style, spritz your hair with water to dampen it slightly—your hair should be just damp, not wet.
  • Divide your hair into sections. The larger the section, the looser the wave.
  • Three strand braid or two strand twist each section. Loosen your grip for bigger waves or tighter for more defined waves. Alternate techniques for a more natural wave pattern.
  • Secure the ends with soft hair ties or satin strips.
  • Sleep with your braids in place to allow your hair to dry overnight. If still damp in the morning, use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to speed up the process.
  • Carefully undo and separate the curls with your fingers or a wide tooth comb to create soft waves.

A super subtle way of adding extra volume and thickness to your locks is to try out our Volumizer range! The singular weft attaches around the middle of your head, disguised effortlessly by the top half of your natural hair. Boost your hair with a touch of extra body! Available in 16- or 20-inch lengths.

Finally, the Clean Girl is known to always keep a Claw Clip on hand. Throw one into your handbag, gym bag, glovebox and bedside cabinet to ensure you’re never caught lacking. Perfect for relaxed updos and keeping your hair out of your face during a workout, the claw clip is a universal staple.