12th Jul 2023

Achieving the Ultimate Clean Girl Aesthetic

Achieving the Ultimate Clean Girl Aesthetic

The ‘clean girl aesthetic’ is a term that has been floating around the internet (primarily TikTok) for a few months now. It refers to a look and lifestyle that is effortlessly chic and elegant while remaining casual and minimal.

The clean girl lifestyle is centered around the notion of appearing highly put together, without hinting that it took any time or toil. Self-care is a priority, and maintaining the aesthetic consistently is almost a fulltime job.

While we might not all have the facilities available to upkeep the clean girl aesthetic 24/7, or perhaps you want to get creative with other trends and looks, we’ve gathered all of our knowledge sources together to create this guide on the clean girl aesthetic and all of its many components.

Assortment of beauty products such as lip oils, nail polish, perfumes, serums and more


The clean girl aesthetic is characterized by its minimalist approach and emphasis on natural beauty. The clean girl opts for subtle, ‘no makeup’ makeup looks. Think fluffy brows, dewy skin, light blush, clear lip gloss and mascara. There’s no heavy contour or bright eyeshadow looks for the clean girl, but rather a ‘glow from within’ type of radiance. A good quality, thorough skincare routine is the foundation for this look. Brands like The Ordinary, Refy, Rhode Skin and Glossier are favourites.

Nails are also kept minimal but perfectly manicured at all times. Classic French tips, shorter almond shapes, and soft shimmer with the ‘glazed chrome’ style are all acceptably clean girl.

Assortment of clothing items and accessories such as tops, trousers, blazers, purses and jewellery


Minimalism is a key component of the clean girl’s wardrobe choices. Casual gym or loungewear is a go to option, often in a two-piece co-ord or matching set. Neutral hues and muted colour palettes like cream, beige, brown, khaki and grey are the top choice. Well-fitting basic, staple pieces are accessorized with subtle gold jewelry – but nothing excessive. Think ‘model off duty’, with style references like Hailey Bieber, Jess Hunt and Sophia Richie Grainge alongside brands like Zara, Sisters & Seekers and Skims.

Collage including woman in athletic wear holding a yoga mat, and images of healthy food options such as salads, smoothies, and more


The clean girl lives a soft life. She participates in regular relaxed workout sessions, opting for Pilates, yoga or cardio instead of anything high intensity. This is followed up with nutritious salads or acai bowls, organic produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, smoothies and matcha. You’ll catch the clean girl frequenting wholefoods supermarkets and small coffee shops, or lunching at Joe & The Juice, Leon, or The Salad Project. Highly organized, efficient, and well-prepared are key personality traits.

Collage including back of woman's head with hair in a neat bun, and hair care products like hair brush, hair clip, Foxy Locks branded hair oil, and more


Hairstyles of the clean girl are rather low maintenance, but again, proper hair care is a key building block. Regular trims and treatment masks keep hair looking healthy, glossy and smooth. The Argan Oil Deep Hydrating Hair Masque is a firm favourite in the hair washing routine of the clean girl, rebuilding strength and nourishing with keratin proteins. Clean girls keep their hair a natural shade, adding subtle babylights or balayage to add dimension or add delicate face framing. Claw clips are a great investment for the clean girl, holding your hair out of your face for practicality and style.Here’s the step by step guide to achieving the perfect Clean Girl Slicked Back Bun:

1.Use a sectioning comb to create a precise parting down the middle of your head and brush through your lengths to remove tangles

2.Smooth a styling product of your choice throughout your hair, such as gel, hair oil, or leave-in conditioner

3.Gather your hair into a ponytail at the back middle of your head. Use a brush to flatten any bumps and ensure flyaways are kept at bay. Secure with an elastic band.

4.Grip any loose pieces into place if necessary. Coil your ponytail around itself so that it forms a donut shaped bun, fix in place with another hair elastic.

5.Set the look with a light spritz of hair spray. This will ensure the style holds up for all types of errand running.

By no means is this an exclusive list of defining factors of the clean girl concept or a measure of worth. The clean girl trend has elements that can be chosen and adopted selectively, or created based on your own interpretations! Have fun being experimental with your look and most importantly: do whatever makes you FEEL good! Enjoy!