All About Foxy Locks

There are so many different kinds of clip in hair extensions out there that we want to show you what makes Foxy Locks amazing. One of the great things about Foxy Locks is that they are made solely for Foxy Locks, meaning you cannot get the same anywhere else, which means you will always be getting the same high quality product from a trusted retailer.


Founded in 2009 Foxy Locks Ltd has been supplying woman all over the world with luxurious quality clip in Remy hair. We pride ourselves in offering fantastic products & excellent customer service.


We sell some of the thickest, stunning quality human hair clip ins on the market, giving a gorgeous natural look.

Foxy Locks are so natural looking that most people couldn't tell you were wearing them, they just wonder how your hair looks so amazing! 

There are lots of different factors that determine high quality hair extensions, as soon as you receive your extensions you will know what kind of quality they are just by touching them.


The Hair Quality

Foxy Locks are 100% human Remy hair - this is the highest quality hair on the market. All the cuticles of the hair are running in the same direction which means they are tangle free and silky soft to touch!


The Hair Shine

The great thing about human hair extensions compared to synthetic is that they look natural against your own hair. Synthetic hair usually has a very unnatural 'plastic' shine to it. Remy human hair has a beautiful natural sheen that shows the hair is extremely healthy. They completely transform any hair!


The Clips

After lots of research these are the best clips, they are small yet sturdy with a silicone strip that grabs onto your natural hair to stop them slipping. The silicone also cushions the hair for minimal damage. They are sewn tightly to the weft to keep them in place.

The Thickness

Foxy Lock's aim was to supply some of the thickest hair extensions on the market, allowing woman all over the world to feel ultra glamorous with their new thicker, longer hair. Foxy Locks offer different kinds of thickness, depending on what you are trying to achieve. 


The Wefts

Foxy Locks Extensions come with a varying amount of pieces, depending on which set you choose. The wefts have been thoroughly thought out to be suitable for all head shapes, hair types and for the ultimate blending. The wefts are sewn tightly to prevent minimal shedding and to keep them sitting close to your head once clipped in.


The Ends

Here at Foxy Locks we are always improving our hair extensions, the ends are a big factor in making extensions look natural. The ends are very natural looking and have the fullness needed to make them blend seamlessly with your hair.


The Results

Super thick natural looking hair extensions of the highest quality! Instant length & volume.

About Foxy Locks
About Foxy Locks

Which set do I choose?


If your hair is longer/finer & you are looking for mainly length and natural volume then our Elegant 18" or 20" sets should be suitable for you. This set is also great for woman with curly hair as once curled they appear thicker.  We also offer Elegant 14" and 16" sets for customers with shorter hair looking to add volume.



If you are looking for some volume as well as length then our Deluxe range should be for you. This range comes in 18" or 20" to provide even more hair. It will blend in with normal-medium hair and create natural looking volume.



If your hair is medium-thick or you want a lot of extra volume we recommend our Superior 230g set. It will blend seamlessly with thick hair and create lots of added volume.



For thick hair or to achieve maximum volume & length choose our Luxurious 280g 24" or Luxurious 300g 26" set. This set is designed for almost all hair types & will give you that ultimate glamorous look!



Our Volumizer range comes in 16" or 20".  The wefts are simply one triple wefted clip in hair extension - this piece is ideal for adding even more volume to any of our hair extensions sets.