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Clip-in hair extensions are the best and fastest way to change your look. They can be clipped and styled in just minutes and also removed anytime you want. If you want your clip-in hair extensions to look great every time you use them, you need to learn how to store them properly. Otherwise, your hair extension will become too tangled and frizzy.

Here are some helpful tips you can follow when storing your hair extensions:

Room Requirements

The great thing about storing hair extensions is that it does not require any special containers. However, here are the particular things to keep in mind:

  • Keep them in a dry and cool place. Choose a room or an area that does not have much moisture, as hair extensions are not like your normal hair that can absorb any form of wetness. Excess moisture can cause matting, where the roots become intertwined. Removing the tangles can be difficult for you, and you may even damage your extensions in the process.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight. The sun can naturally lighten your hair extensions’ colour. It is more evident for extensions with the following colours: coppers, reds, and pastel tones.

Ways to Properly Store Them

  • Place them inside a box

Storing your extensions inside a box is the most straightforward way to keep your hairpiece in good condition. There are no special boxes needed. You can use a shoebox or the packaging they came with.

Before putting them inside the box, make sure to brush the hairs first to get rid of tangles and knots. Place all wefts on one side, one on top of the other, then roll them together. Put the extensions neatly inside the box and store it anywhere dry, cool, and away from sunlight.

  • Store them on hangers

If you wear your hair extensions daily, placing them on hangers will be the most convenient storage method. All you need to do is clip the wefts on the hangers, one next to the other. Brush them and put the hanger inside your closet. You can also use a regular hanger for this method.

  • Keep them in a storage bag

If you want to be more careful and organised, you can purchase a hair extension storage bag. It acts as a hanger but with a zippered bag around it, which keeps your extensions protected from dirt and other potential causes of damage. You can safely keep it inside your closet, and it is also the best way to bring your extensions with you if you are travelling.


Clip-in hair extensions do not always come cheap. Proper storage of your hair extensions will ensure that your investment will last for a long while. Heavily tangled extensions are impossible to work with, so storing them the right way will also make sure you spend less time fixing your hair extensions the next time you use them. After you use your hair extensions, place them back in their rightful place immediately.

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