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Hair extensions are a lovely addition to any hairstyle, and it complements a wide variety of looks. Since they provide volume and length, they can change a person’s appearance without looking out of place. Natural hair extensions, in particular, give wearers a boost of confidence since they blend in so well. Though they make you look and feel beautiful, hair extensions can be tricky to remove. You don’t want to damage your hair, so it’s essential to follow these tips when removing your extensions!

How to remove sewn-in extensions

First, gather your hair in a ponytail. Then, find the end of the thread and carefully snip it off. Trace your fingers along the line where the hair had been sewn in and work slowly. It’s easy to cut your real hair when doing this, so try to get a friend or a hairstylist to do this for you!

Once you’ve finished with cutting, undo the remaining thread. With one hand, hold your natural hair, and tug at the extensions with the other. You can make the process faster if you use special solutions that break down the threads. Repeat the steps until you have unraveled everything. Afterward, you can run a comb through your hair to ensure that you have all the synthetic products out.

How to remove glued or taped extensions

Removing extensions attached with adhesives is easy. First, you need to divide your hair into manageable sections. Identify which clumps have extensions and apply oil to these. Let the oil sit for 15 minutes; it breaks down the bonds in substances like glue or tape, enabling you to remove the extensions easily.

It does not matter what type of oil you use; whether you have coconut, olive, almond, or even baby oil, it will help break down the adhesives. After letting it sit, the extensions should be easy to remove. When you’ve taken off the extensions, you can rinse your hair. Make sure you apply conditioner and wrap your natural hair in a towel, patting it to remove any remaining oil. You can repeat this process until you get rid of the oil.

How to remove clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in extensions are the easiest type to remove. For one, you don’t need to unbind your hair; you can concentrate on nourishing your hair. First, section your natural hair away from the first section of extensions. Make sure you keep the natural section above your ears.

Then, slowly remove the clips one at a time. Hold the real hair against the scalp to avoid breakage. Keep track of the extensions by working in sections. Doing this also prevents the clips from becoming entangled with the natural hair.

If you’re having trouble with a particular clip, spray some leave-in conditioner on it to loosen the grip. If your natural hair has become tangled with the extension, dampen everything lightly and slowly comb through.


Removing hair extensions can be a bit tricky, and it is easy to get your natural hairs tangled, cut, or damaged when you’re careless with the process. By following our tips, you’ll surely breeze through the process!

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