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Having hair extensions is a great way to add length and volume to your hair. And while wearing them as they are is fine, sometimes, you just want to try different styles. Luckily, you can style your hair extensions to achieve different types of curls.

What Are the Different Types of Curls?

The starting point to determine the type of curls you want to achieve is to know what type of curls you want. The truth is, there are limitless options. However, the most popular curls fall under the following categories:

Spiral Curls

Spiral curls are normally performed on straight hair, but they can be done on curly or thick hair too. They are perfect if you want to curl your hair without damaging it. They also make your hair look fuller and healthier. You can use a curling iron or a barrel curl. The barrel curl is done on brown or dark hair. It is perfect if you want to keep the curls soft and wavy. It is also perfect if you want tighter curls. The curling iron can be used to make your curls tighter or softer, depending on how you use it.


Waves are the most traditional of all types of curls. They can be done with a curling iron or a barrel curl. You can easily achieve waves with hair extensions too. All you have to do is wrap a one-inch section of your hair around the curling iron. Then, hold the curl in place for five to 10 seconds, and release it. Repeat this process on all the sections of your hair. Once you are done, brush the curls out to get the waves. Another technique involves flat ironing your hair first. After you have done so, wrap your hair around the curling iron or the barrel curl.

Loose Curls

Loose curls are perfect if you want the curls to be loose, but you don’t have time to style your hair. They can be achieved with a curling iron or a barrel curl. You can also do this with your hair extensions on. To get these curls, you simply wrap your hair around the curling iron or the barrel. Then, hold the curls in place for an extended period of time, and release them. You can also use a setting lotion to achieve this look.

Shirley Temple Curls

Shirley Temple curls are great if you want your curls to be big and bouncy. To achieve these curls, you need to first put your hair in either a side or a middle part. Then, divide your hair into two sections. This should be about 2 inches wide. You should also have your hair extensions clipped up. Now take a section and wrap it around the curling iron. Hold the curls in place with your fingers for a few seconds, and then release them. Now, take another section of hair and do the same thing. As you get to the end of your hair, you can glue the extensions down.

General Tips for Curling Hair Extensions

If you want your hair extensions to last, you have to take proper care of them. And this means knowing how to curl them to avoid damage. So, if it is your first time curling your extensions, it’s best to follow these tips.

Brush Your Hair Extensions Before Curling

Before you start curling your hair extensions, it’s best to brush your hair first. This removes knots and tangles. If you have time, you can put your hair in conditioning treatment, followed by a moisturizer for an hour or two. This will make your hair less frizzy. You can also use a smoothing serum to get rid of frizz and to make your hair look and feel smoother.

Use a Heat Protectant

Heat protectants are essential when you are curling. They protect your hair from the damage that can be caused by hair products and heat. Heat protectants also prevent your hair from drying out. Apply the heat protector evenly to your hair. Allow it to sit on your hair for a few minutes to get its full benefits. Be sure to do this every time you curl your hair

Use the Proper Tools

While it is true that you can curl your hair extensions with just about any curling iron or barrel, if you want the curls to last, you should use specific products. It doesn’t matter if you are curling your hair extensions with a curling iron or a barrel because you will get the same effect. However, you can only achieve Shirley Temple curls with a curling iron.

Keep the Heat Low

When you are curling your hair, you need to keep the heat low. Keep it low enough so you can still see the natural shine of your extensions. If the heat is too high, it can damage your hair, and it can also weaken the bond between the extensions and your hair.

Let Your Curls Cool

Once you are done curling your hair extensions, you should let them cool down. You should wait at least three minutes before you add any product to your hair. This gives the curls enough time to cool down fully. It also gives you the time to brush them out.

Use Setting Lotion

A setting lotion is a product designed to keep curls in place. It is used after you’ve curled your hair. All you have to do is apply it to your hair. Then, brush it through your hair for even distribution. The setting lotion works best with hair extensions. However, if you have curly hair, you will have to use it even if you are using extensions. It works best with long-lasting hair products.

Final Thoughts

Having a great hair extension, whether it is clip-in, synthetic, or human hair, is great. However, not everyone wants to wear their hair down. Some people prefer to add some texture and bounce to their hair. And curls are the perfect way to achieve this. Just make sure to follow the above tips when curling your hair, so you don’t end up with dry and damaged hair extensions.

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