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Hair extensions are like godsent miracles. They give you the freedom to experiment with all kinds of styles without committing to short or long locks. If you want to show off long hair, you don’t have to wait for months to grow your natural hair out; you can just use the right kind of extensions at your desired length.

If you feel like adding volume or length to your crowning glory or try to incorporate different-coloured hair to your natural one, you can do so with hair extensions. However, getting a good hair day when using them can be tricky, especially for beginners. To rock any kind of look you want, here are some styles you can flaunt using extensions:

Dutch Fringe Braid

There are days when you just don’t know what to do with your hair but still want to look put-together. You can achieve an effortlessly gorgeous look with the Dutch fringe braid. To achieve this hairstyle, make sure your fringe is at least over an inch.

First, curl all of your hair to create a boho beach wave hairstyle. Next, split your hair into three equal strands, with the rightmost strand of your hair in your right hand, then the left and the middle in your left hand.

It’s time to start braiding your hair. Cross the right hair strand under the middle, then place the left strand under the new middle strand. Take note that this is different from the standard braid, so make sure that you are taking the braids underneath every strand instead of over the top to achieve the desired Dutch braid.

Continue the braiding process, then collect small hair strands from underneath. As you go along, the strands you are working on should get thinner. These thinner hair strands let the braid make its way down the side of your face and create a complementary look.

Boho Twist Braid

The Boho twist braid is perfect for an everyday look. Since it can be made to appear fancier with a silver hair comb, floral crown, or other lovely hair accessories, which is why this braid can also be a showy look during special occasions.

Before starting this hairstyle, detangle your hair to prevent tugging and manoeuver your hair more easily. Afterwards, split your hair into two equal sections, depending on where you want to position the braid.

Take each section, twist it inward, then around each other, then tie it at the bottom to create a rope braid. Loosely tug each braid to have a fuller effect and secure it together at the bottom of the braid. To secure several gaps in the middle, lightly pin in the centre where both braids are connected using a bobby pin in a similar colour to your hair.


If you don’t have time to do your hair in the morning, you can still look and feel at your best with a topknot hairstyle. Doing this braid is quick and doesn’t require too much effort. It also complements hooped or dangling earrings. It is ideal for textured and thick natural hair , but it’s replicable through hair extensions.

To get started, brush your hair, spritz it with hair shine spray, and tie it in a tight ponytail. Use hairspray to brush down any flyaways. Next, twist your ponytail tightly to the right using a hairband and secure the bun with bobby pins and hairspray if needed. To finish off the look and add a touch of elegance, add any hair accessories you prefer, like cute combs or bows.

High Ponytail

If you want to look sophisticated without taking too much time and effort, go for a high ponytail. Doing this hairstyle is the perfect way to keep your hair away from your face and make your clip-in hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

To achieve this hairstyle, curl your hair along with your hair extensions with a curling wand or straighteners. No need to brush your hair before curling. You can also apply dry shampoo to add more texture to your hair and create a messy and fun look. Next, comb all your hair to the crown of your head and secure it with a hairband. Split the ponytail into two and lightly pull to tighten it.

Low Ponytail

Unlike the high ponytail that is best for everyday wear, the low ponytail is good for professional or formal looks. Go for a sleek pony by combing your hair with water or hairspray. You can also curl or straighten the ponytail to finish the look, depending on the appearance you are going for.

To have a more relaxed look, go for a low, messy pony hairstyle. Simply grab your hair and hair extensions into a loose ponytail. Consider adding a few curls to add character to your style. Place some loose hair strands from each side of your face and let them naturally fall.

Vintage Waves

The silky vintage waves hairstyle is all about volume, which is best paired with hair extensions. It is the ultimate sophisticated style that is perfect for celebrating important milestones.

Create this look by putting on your hair extensions as usual, then separate your hair into three wide sections. Curl your hair and keep it flat as you go to have a smooth, flowing wave. Repeat this process for all sections.

Afterwards, spritz with a holding spray with a shiny finish and brush the curls out using a wide-toothed comb or tangle teezer. To finish the look, use your favourite red lipstick and apply some winged eyeliner.

Textured Waves

If you have a choppy lob, some textured waves will definitely look good on you. This is a hairstyle that doesn’t need any complicated techniques. You just have to twist the pieces of your hair down as you wrap them around the curls to create some extra texture.

Additionally, curl only the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and leave out a small piece at the bottom for a natural look. To emphasise your features, curl away from your face at the front and continue alternating the direction of the curl toward your face for the next section. Once done, brush the curls out with your fingers and apply a texturising spray.


Regardless of your desired style and no matter the occasion, you can appear effortlessly beautiful by doing some of these creative hairstyles; you just have to learn how to do them the right way. But to get the look to appear naturally, you need to buy the best hair extensions that complement your outfit and makeup.

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