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Whether it’s a morning dash before work or you’ve suddenly got impromptu plans for the evening, having a few quick and easy hair extension styles in your repertoire can ensure you look your best with no stress when time is of the essence! From up ‘dos to simple waves, here at Foxy Locks, we’ve got 5 go-to gorgeous styles you can fall back on whenever you’re in a rush.

Loose Curls

Number one on our list of quick and easy hair extension styles is one of our favourite everyday looks. The beauty of this look is that it’s so quick and easy to achieve but helps turn flat, lacklustre hair into soft, voluminous waves in a matter of minutes!

Start by creating a simple middle parting and applying a couple of Foxy Locks hair extensions to give your hair a little more natural-looking volume and body. Once you’ve applied your extensions, you’re ready to create some gentle waves. This can also be achieved with any curling tool, so whether you’re a dab hand with a curling wand, prefer straighteners or favour heated rollers, you can get the same effect. For this look, we’ve used heated rollers for the majority of the hair and finished the front using a wand – check out our full tutorial to get the look! Top tip: if you’re using rollers, applying your makeup while you wait for your hair to set can save you lots of time – bonus!

A Classic Ponytail

Simple and elegant, a classic ponytail is another of our quick and easy hair extensions styles we love. Perfect as an everyday option or evening aesthetic, it’s a versatile look worth adding to your list of go-to hairstyles when you’re pressed for time. Plus, when you don’t have time to wash your hair, up-‘dos like this are a great option for days when you’re in-between washes. While we have a range of clip in ponytails, if you don’t have them to hand, you can create the look using pieces from our sets, too. If you think you can’t make a ponytail work with fine or shorter hair, think again! Creating a ponytail with hair extensions is a game-changer. Simply adding a few pieces from your set creates the perfect pony with covetable body and length and is quick and easy to do. We’ve created a full tutorial with a step by step guide to nailing the look – once you’ve got it down, this is one quick and easy hair extension style you can return to again and again!

A Top Knot

Next up on our list of quick and easy hair extension styles is a chic top-knot. Requiring minimum effort while providing maximum impact, a sleek and stylish top-knot is one of our favourite looks when we’re short on time. Perfect for keeping your hair out of your face without committing to a full up-’do, a top knot has all the benefits of both up and down hairstyles and is easy to do in a rush!

All you’ll need to do for this look is add some hair extensions for body and thickness before creating your top knot. We’ve used a curling wand to create a little more glamour and volume in our simple tutorial but you can even skip this step if you’re super pushed for time.

Boho Beachy Waves

If you’re looking for super quick and easy hair extension styles with some extra volume and body, this one’s a winner. This look is so easy to achieve when you’re pushed for time and looks great for nights out or as your day-to-day ‘do!

For this look, all you’ll need is your hair extensions to add some oomph and a curling wand. We’ve used a thin-barrelled wand for this look in our tutorial, but you can mix it up depending on how tight you want your curls. The thinner the wand, the more tight your curls will be, and vice versa. Simply divide your hair into sections and curl your whole head before giving it an extra zhush. And voila! Effortless, voluminous, beachy curls that will look great all day.

A Fishtail Braid

Don’t be deceived by this style; though a fishtail braid may look really complicated, it’s actually super simple and quick once you’ve practised! This is one of our go-to quick and easy extension hairstyles for looking like we’ve made lots of effort when, in reality, it can take under 10 minutes once you’ve got your technique down.

Not sure how to fishtail braid yet? Take a look at our simple tutorial to nail this look. All it takes is adding some extensions for volume, creating a classic ponytail and then working a fishtail braid down the length of your hair. Before you’ve got your fishtail braiding skills perfected, this look also works well with a standard plait!

There you have our top 5 quick and easy hair extension styles you can try for yourself next time you’re in a hurry to leave the house! The more you practice these styles, the quicker you’ll be able to do them to perfection when you’re in a rush. For more of our favourite looks for all occasions, check out our full range of video styling tutorials here at Foxy Locks.

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