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Getting eyelash extensions is an effortless way to add definition to your eyes and impact your look in all the right ways. They draw attention to your gorgeous eyes, add volume to your lash line and make you feel like a million bucks.

However, you shouldn’t take your falsies for granted. They can be quite delicate, and so they require some TLC for them to last long and last well.

Some of the most commonly known ways to preserve and maintain fake lashes are keeping the lashes clean and dry, avoiding exposure to moisture and refraining from touching them often. These simple steps can go a long way in keeping false eyelashes beautiful and long-lasting.

With that said, it pays to remember that the spray beauty products you use can also impact your falsies. It is for this reason that you must be cautious when using hairspray, dry shampoo and other similar products.

In the sections below, you will learn more about how spray beauty products affect your eyelash extensions.

The Effect of Spray Beauty Products on Fake Lashes

One of the most crucial things you need to remember when it comes to spray products like hairspray and setting sprays is that they contain alcohol-based ingredients. These ingredients, especially in large quantities, can easily break the adhesive bond between your natural lash and falsies.

The sticky spray product can also get caught in the fibres of the eyelash extensions. Consequently, this causes the lash fan to close or collapse; the lashes can also become stuck together.

In the end, using spray products may leave you with an underwhelming lash line—and a wasted investment on your eyelashes!

How Dry Shampoo Harms your Fake Lashes

Although dry shampoos are quite different from setting spray and hairspray, they are also equally harmful to your eyelash extensions.

Dry shampoo is made from alcohols or starch-based active ingredients. These components are effective in soaking up the oils and sweat from your hair, making it look cleaner.

However, these same ingredients leave an unpleasantly sticky residue along your lash line. The residue they leave often looks like a cloudy layer that can greatly dull the dark, luxe look you’ve previously enjoyed.

The Best Practices When Using Spray Beauty Products

While beauty product sprays can leave unpleasant effects on your fake lashes, there may be instances when you’ll need to use them. In these situations, here are some tips you’ll want to follow to protect your falsies and keep them looking great for longer periods:

  • When using your spray product, protect your lashes with a mask or face shield. If you do not have any of these items, you may use your hand or arm as a barrier.
  • Do not remove the protection you are using immediately after using your spray products. Give it enough time to settle in the air before taking off your mask or face shield.
  • Clean your fake lashes properly every day. Doing so helps you keep your extensions free from any residue or buildup of spray products.
  • Use a lash sealant regularly to extend the life of the adhesive and gain another layer of protection for your natural lashes.


Your false eyelashes can greatly improve your look and make your regular prep time much faster. Considering this, if you want to continue enjoying such benefits, you have to care for your fake lashes well. Aside from the usual care tips promoted by others, you also have to be careful with how you use your spray beauty products. Being aware of their negative effects on your extensions and using them the right way will help you keep your lashes in tip-top shape.

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