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Blonde and brunette hair have inspired a great deal of interest in people over the years. The hue contrast is essential, but the two hair colours are associated with different personality traits, attitudes, and styles of femininity.

In fact, many theories have been put forward to explain the differences in hair colour and its effect on people over the years. Some of these theories have become central to male fantasy. For starters, blonde-haired women are often considered more graceful, complacent, and sensual.

How Do Hair Extensions Fit into This Discussion?

Blonde hair has traditionally been thought of as beautiful, even if it makes up only 2 per cent of the population. In truth, every person out there has their own brand of beauty, no matter what hair colour, shape, or size they have.

That said, it’s challenging to find hair extensions of proper high-end, pretty much luxurious quality on the lighter end of the hair spectrum.

Do the Sources for Hair Run Low on Natural Blondes?

Blonde hair extensions can tend to run low on sources. Light blonde Scandinavian or European virgin hair for hair extensions is like a unicorn: great to imagine and impossible to realise in real life.

Blonde and dark brown hair extensions of natural and non-natural colour originate from Asia and neighbouring countries, such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan. Most of the black hair weaves in the world also come from China and India, which are among the main countries that supply black hair extensions.

Needless to say, it’s necessary to put the dark hair through a process so it can lighten and turn blonde. Dark hair turns blonde when it’s decolourised.

What Is Decolourisation?

Decolourisation is the process of stripping hair of pigment, which cannot be reversed. It results in the depletion of skin and hair melanin. In the case of hair, decolourisation removes the pigments that give it colour.

Various substances can be used for decolourisation, but the most common one is hydrogen peroxide. Put simply, hydrogen peroxide seeps into the hair’s structure and gradually destroys melanin.

Once the colour has faded away, it can be dyed to whatever colour is required.

When hair gets treated this way, it becomes extremely porous. As a result, it can absorb any substances that make contact with the hair. Take note that if decolourisation goes wrong, the hair will be brittle and pretty much unusable.

How to Acquire Blonde Hair Without Sacrificing High Quality
  • Only virgin hair must be used, no other kind. (Virgin hair is hair that has neither been coloured nor decolourised before.)
  • The hair must be thick because excessively fine hair likely won’t survive heavy lightening.
  • Cut hair strands in a way that does not disrupt their natural direction, root to tip. (Hair follicles or cuticles will lie one way instead of going all over the places.)

Why Blonde Hair Extensions Require More Work Than Other Shades

At this point, just reading about decolourisation has probably answered why blonde hair is pricier than others. The length of the process and the cost of labour are important parts that make up the price of extensions. However, the hair has to be premium before the production of the extensions can even begin in the first place.

The same is true for darker colours, but it’s vital to understand that platinum hair extensions undergo an extremely aggressive treatment process. That is why platinum extensions cost more than those made from hair of other colours.

Are You Considering Becoming a Bleach Blonde (#613)?

The lightest blonde hair extensions in the #613 set have a warmer tone and more golden hues than the lightest blonde in the #18 set. Paris Hilton fans, in particular, or those into good ol’ Barbie, will benefit plenty from this.

Are You Considering Dark Blonde Hair Extensions (#14)?

Rich maple-toned extensions will complement your hair’s natural undertones if you have blonde hair or want to add blonde colour highlights to your brunette locks. Blonde hair extensions with a warm brown hue look great on anyone and will give a natural-looking, salon-quality hairstyle.

Are You Considering Ice Blonde Hair Extensions?

Shades of blonde that are cool in undertone are frosty and ashy. Blonde is an appropriate term for this colour because of its coolness and the fact that it creates an illusion of silver strands when light reflects off of it.

The coolest shade of blonde does not get any more subtle than this. This blonde colour with a cool undertone is a striking platinum blonde that would look perfect on anyone looking for a cooler-toned colour.

Are You Considering a Light Golden Blonde (#16)?

Honey-gold blonde is a golden blonde with light gold undertones that complement a variety of complexions. It looks wonderful for summer with its warm tone. If you have darker golden blonde hair, choose #16. It has a deeper hue that won’t make your skin look unnatural compared to your hair colour.

Are You Considering Light Ash Blonde Hair Extensions (#22)?

This is the classic “blonde bombshell” vibe. Do you remember Marilyn Monroe in the iconic white dress? Light ash blonde hair extensions are great because they match well with slightly yellow tones.

Are You Considering the Lightest Blonde (#60)?

As the name of the colour suggests, Lightest Blonde consists of a white-blonde hue. It is a gorgeous colour, and it compliments many hair types. It looks bold, so it often draws attention. This shade is a good choice for eye colours that match or are darker than it.


Blonde hair has long been regarded as something that makes a woman more desirable and beautiful by default. In truth, no matter what a woman’s hair colour, size, or shape is, she’s beautiful by default. However, the reputation blonde hair has lent a little to why hair extensions of a lighter nature are pricier. The biggest reason why blonde hair extensions are more expensive is there are no natural sources, meaning virgin black or brown hair will have to be processed extensively.

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