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Enhancing your eyelashes’ appearance can dramatically change your overall look. For instance, you can beautify your eyes during the day or add drama to your nighttime makeup by simply altering your lashes’ length and volume. To have longer, fuller, and more voluminous lashes quickly and easily, many use fake eyelashes. However, navigating the world of lashes can be overwhelming.

Currently, there are plenty of products that you can use to groom your lashes, namely strips, clusters, glues, and applicators. It can get confusing to determine which is which and what they are used for, especially if you are entirely new to these. To help you get started and find out which fake lashes complement your beauty the most, use this as your guide.

1. Cluster lashes

Cluster lashes contain bands with more hairs than individual lashes and are shorter than strip lashes. If you want to accentuate and bring special attention to certain parts of your eyes, then choose to wear them. They will give you a full and bold look without appearing too dramatic.

You can also use them as strip lashes if you have been struggling with lifting your strip lashes at the ends. All you need to do is gather various clusters together and make your own strip lash.

To choose the right cluster lashes for you, consider how you want to use them. For instance, pick a denser lash style if you want more drama while getting a multi-layered style if you like a fuller flutter. Apply your cluster lashes by placing a small amount of glue onto the band, then applying them over your lash line and pressing them in.

For a more seamless look and let them blend in more evenly with your natural lashes, use a small amount of mascara at the roots of your cluster lashes.

2. Strip lashes

Strip lashes are the most common and readily available type of false eyelashes. They come in various styles, lengths, and colours that can add instant volume and drama to your natural lashes. Also, they have a horizontal band with faux lashes that you can place across your entire lash line.

To pick the right strip lashes, choose a style that suits your eye shape. For instance, opt for winged, curly lashes to enhance your eyes’ natural curves and outer corners if you have round eyes. If you have hooded eyes, get strips that are slightly longer in the middle. If you have monolids, it’s best to shop for multi-layered strip lashes.

At first, strip lashes may be challenging to use, but you can learn to master using them easily with a bit of practice. To apply them correctly, trim them down to size using some tweezers and scissors to ensure they fit your eyes perfectly. Afterwards, apply eyelash glue to the band and place it onto your lash line. Adjust the strip’s angle accordingly to make it natural-looking and use your applicator to press it into your skin.

3. Individual lashes

Individual lashes are usually made of silk, mink, or human hair. It has a small band with pre-attached individual lashes, with each one containing 30-60 strands of hair. Using it enhances your lashes’ length and volume and allows you to create a natural look. Individual lashes come in different colours and lengths, so choose one according to your desired look.

To wear individual lashes properly, apply the adhesive to the falsies, place them onto your natural lashes, and press them into place.


Using false lashes for the very first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to. By remembering the different types of false eyelashes that would best suit beginners like you, you can better understand what’s ideal for your eyes and your preferred look.

Follow the tips mentioned in this guide and shop only at a reliable store like ours to ensure successful false lashes application!

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