6th Dec 2023

Curling Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Curling Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Enhancing your natural locks with extensions is a quick, easy and fool-proof method to introduce extra length and volume to your hair. Regardless of your hair’s natural texture, curls are a gorgeous way to style your hair and extensions so that they blend seamlessly, adding a touch of glam to your every day.

There are countless different ways to curl your hair to achieve a unique style. Whether you use a thin barrelled chopstick curler to achieve tight ringlets, or a larger barrel hair curling wand to create Hollywood waves, there is something to suit all tastes.

Here are some of the key tips to keep in mind when curling your hair extensions to prevent damage and ensure a long-lasting look!

Poster that says 'Curly Hair, Maintenance and Extensions', with a circle image of hair on it

Hair Care

The foundation of any good hair style requires the solid foundation of a consistent hair care routine. Remy human hair extensions like those stocked here at Foxy Locks require proper maintenance to ensure their longevity. This means they also need to be shampooed, conditioned and treated the same as the hair on your head. Moisturizing your hair extensions is particularly important, as they don’t have any natural oils to protect them. A few drops of our Luxury Gold Oil on the ends if they start to feel dry will nourish them back to life. If need more advice on how to take proper care of your extensions, visit our handy guide.

Heat Protectant

When heat styling your hair, it is essential to shield the follicles from damage by using heat protectant products. Distribute the product evenly from root to tip, repeating the process on your extensions. Allow this to sit on your hair for a few minutes before proceeding with heat application. To minimize the risk of damage further, use your heated tools on a lower setting. If you find that curls don’t hold for as long, adjust upwards as needed. Thick hair may also require more heat to keep curls intact.

Curling Wand

Using a Curling Wand

The right tool for the job is an absolute must. The thicker the barrel of your curling wand, the more relaxed the curl will be. Large barrels are excellent for height, volume and subtle waves. Thin barrels are great for dramatic, defined, corkscrew curls. Our 32mm Curling Wand features an extra long barrel, designed specifically to be compatible with long hair and extensions. With a heat mat and glove included for safety, this is a brilliant product for beginners to be introduced to curling techniques.

Hair Extension Holder & Styler

Step By Step

1.Start by brushing out your natural locks and hair extensions to remove any knots and tangles.

2.Evenly disperse your heat protectant product, making sure that every strand has an even coating.

3.Once your hair protectant is fully absorbed, part your hair into manageable sections. Clip areas that you are not working on out of the way.

4.Figure out which wefts you want to place within the section you’re working on. You can clip these in and style with the natural hair as one, or style them on a stand and clip them in after curling the natural hair on its own.

5.To create the curl, wrap your hair around the shaft of the curling wand’s barrel. For a natural, beachy look you can alternate the direction of the curls. For an old money, Hollywood hair look you can curl your hair all in the same direction.

6.You can clip each curl in place to cool and set the style whilst you work on the next section.

7.Once you have completed your full head, including extensions, let them cool and set for an additional 5 minutes before brushing out or applying products.

8.Spritz with a hairspray to hold in place all day. Light hold products will allow more movement, where strong hold might feel stiffer but last for longer.

If you’re looking for styling inspiration, check out our video tutorials for hair extension looks you can recreate at home.