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Eyelash extensions are a great way to elevate your look. Although it’s a relatively subtle addition to your face, it can dramatically change the appearance of your eyes. Caring for these is often overlooked even though it’s essential to making it last as long as possible.

Proper eyelash aftercare is essential in making them look good, feel good, and last longer. It also reduces infection risks, saving you from potentially costly expenses. Your eyelash technician will also have an easier time refilling or replacing them, making the process easier for both of you.

Here are seven top tips for caring for your lash extensions:

1. Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Dry

Eyelash extensions need time to dry once they’re applied, as the glue needs 24 hours to set fully. In the meantime, avoid washing or steaming your face. Otherwise, this may loosen the glue, and your extensions may fall off.

Sweat is capable of undoing the glue as well. It’s best to avoid exercising for at least the first 24 hours.

2. Don’t Touch Your Lash Extensions

Leaving your lash extensions alone is an essential part of making them last longer. Although they feel lush and lovely, touching them will mix finger oils into the glue, causing it to break down.

You should also never tug or rub your extensions. It’s a surefire way to make them fall out faster and cause long-term damage, even to your natural eyelashes. When you’ve got eyelash extensions on, it’s best to avoid the lash curler, too.

3. Stay Away From Cotton Buds

Most people use cotton buds to remove makeup in the eye area. However, the fibres or lint from cotton products can get stuck in your eyelashes. These fibres might irritate your lashes, where they will accumulate and pull on it. Instead, use a lip wand on the eye and in hard to reach areas.

4. Avoid Exposing Your Face to Heat

Heat can cause the glue to break down and melt, which will lead to your extensions falling off. Avoid the heat as much as possible, including steam, hairdryers, and the oven.

5. Don’t Use Oil-Based Creams or Makeup Removers

Although these products are fantastic at getting off even the thickest of makeup, they can get in the way of your lash extensions. Even if you avoid just the eye area, your eyelashes rest on your cheeks when you sleep. Opt for oil-free products instead to get the best of both worlds.

6. Cleanse Regularly

Your eyelash extensions probably accumulate gunk and dirt as you go through your day, which makes cleaning them regularly very important. Use an oil-free eyelash cleanser and a sanitised, soft-bristled makeup brush to do this. Put the cleansing agent all over your lashes then use the brush to make small, gentle circles starting from the inner corner of your eye. Work your way toward the outer corner. After that, carefully rinse your lashes with water, then air dry. Comb them with a lash spoolie to remove any tangles.

7. Brush Them Daily

A simple yet effective way to keep your lash extensions looking their best is to brush them daily. Once you wake up, gently comb your eyelashes until they’re back into place with a lash spoolie. Doing this will make them look good and tidy while reducing stress in the lash follicles, as crossed eyelash strands might pull one another.


Eyelash extension aftercare is essential in getting your money’s worth. With proper maintenance and routines, you’ll have extensions that look amazing while lasting much longer than expected. Now that you have these seven tips under your belt, you’ll be taking care of your extensions like a pro.

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