28th Oct 2020



If you sport naturally thin hair, your dream of length and volume aren’t lost in your locks. For finer heads of hair, clip-in extensions are an excellent method of transforming your lacking look. Unlike longer-lasting extensions, clip-ins don’t require sewing or taping. Not to mention, there’s no need to stock up on special products to pull them off before bed—just clip them off!

When losing locks, it can be tempting to go for a more permanent weave. However, clip-ins are far more flexible, versatile, and cost-effective. Here’s how.

1. They’re Just as Long and Voluminous

If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, not being able to grow your locks out is a true bummer. Instead of having to sit through hours of weaving, clip-ins provide an instant lift.

Whether you’re after a full-on dramatic look or something a little more natural, clip-in extensions give you the freedom to play with looks.

2. They Let You Be Who You Want to Be

Among the many troubles fine-haired women experience is how to style their locks. When left down, thin hair can appear flat and lifeless. Sometimes, there isn’t enough of it to tie up into a full-fledged ponytail or charming French braid.

Not only does a clip-in provide magnitude and drama, but it also allows you to style your look in any colour you please.

3. They Don’t Inflict Damage to Your Scalp

The last thing you want to do to your already-thinning hair is damage it further. Fortunately, clip-ins don’t require glue or thread and won’t tug at your natural hair. If your clip-in feels heavy on your head, you can adjust it accordingly or remove it entirely.

4. They’re Easy to Remove

Nothing takes away from your day like having to take a trip to the salon to get your tape or weft extensions removed. These types of extensions are likely to remain intact for at least four to eight weeks—so if you’re experiencing breakage or just haven’t the time to visit your stylist, they can become a nuisance.

The good news is, clip-ins are as simple to use as they sound. Just clip them on and off as you please to change your look or hop into the shower. They’ll always be waiting for you wherever you store them.

5. They Provide a Boost of Confidence

Nowadays, television and social media will dictate what beauty is supposed to look like. As such, many women believe thinning hair doesn’t make for a winning supermodel formula.

Though even influencers and Hollywood starlets experience bad hair days, knowing it isn’t enough to promote self-confidence. In the end, it’s only hair, but a clip-in set can help you grow a little more comfortable in your skin.


Remember, a long ponytail extension isn’t what defines modern beauty—but it’s an undoubtedly stunning and playful addition to your vanity collection. Whether you sport a short bob or longer locks, clip-ins are an exciting and affordable way to explore looks you didn’t even know you could rock.

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