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Women love a lot of things—and among them, gorgeous natural hair extensions and beautiful beaches. But do these two things go together? If you like wearing hair extensions and you’re planning to swim in the ocean, you are probably wondering if it’s safe to wear your clip-ins while you’re swimming.

The short answer is ‘no’. Swimming in saltwater may benefit the skin and health in general, but that can’t be said for the hair (extensions or not). In this post, Foxy Locks will answer some of the questions that you may have regarding your hair extensions and saltwater:

Is Salt Water Damaging to Your Hair?

Yes, it is. When hair is exposed to saltwater, it can get dehydrated. You’ll be left with hair that’s dry and tangled. You might notice that your hair is harder to brush and that the strands break more easily.

The reasons behind the damage salt water can do is the assortment of minerals it contains. The ones with the highest percentage are Chlorine at 55% and Sodium at 30.6%, which make the water dehydrating. It strips the hair of moisture and leaves it brittle and unmanageable. It’s even worse for color-treated hair that’s already lost its natural oils before getting exposed to the dehydrating properties of seawater.

What Can Salt Water Do to Your Hair Extensions?

If saltwater can do such damage to your natural hair that still receives nourishment from your scalp and eventually get better, imagine what it does to your clip in ponytail extensions. Your clip-ins have no way of repairing themselves because they won’t get sebum from your scalp.

Precautionary Steps That You Can Take Before Swimming With Your Extensions

If you find it absolutely necessary to take a dip in the ocean with your clip-ins, you should at least take these steps to give your hair some protection:

1.Make sure your hair is deeply moisturized. Apply a sufficient amount of conditioner onto your hair before you swim. This will help prevent saltwater from causing too much damage to your hair.

2. Brush your hair before swimming. If you take a dip without brushing your hair, you’ll experience the worst matting and tangling ever. Then your hair will break when you try to detangle it then. It’s better to brush your hair thoroughly before getting it wet.

3.Avoid heat-styling tools. It’s a good idea to avoid styling your hair a few days before you go swimming. While heat-styling tools can make your hair look amazing, they do strip your hair of its natural oils and make it more susceptible to damage.

4. Consider wearing a swimming cap. Sure, it takes away from your summer look, but if you can’t remove your hair extensions and you don’t want it to be ruined by salt water, this is your best option. There are silicone swimming caps that you can choose from. Make sure you choose one with just the right fit – not too loose that it might fall off or water might seep in nor too tight that it could pull on the extensions.

5. Tie your hair up and don’t get it wet! It might take away some of the fun, but if you’re ok with not getting your hair wet, tying it up will make it easier for you and safer for your hair, too.

How to Care for Your Hair After Swimming in Salt Water

Here are some things that you can do to lessen the damage caused by saltwater:

1. Shampoo your hair as soon as possible. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly to rid your hair of the harmful minerals that could dry your hair out.

2. Condition your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner after you shampoo your hair to help replenish your hair with moisture.

3. Treat your hair to a hair mask treatment or nourishing natural oils when you get home. Both your natural hair and your extensions need TLC, especially after exposing them to drying elements. Leave the mask in for at least 30 minutes!


Exposing your ponytail extensions to seawater may cause damage, and even if you apply the proper treatment, you might not get the same luxuriousness that they once had. It’s highly suggested that you remove your extensions before you jump into the sea and just clip them back in when you’re ready to party in the evening!

Whether you need replacement natural hair extensions for the old ones you damaged during your last beach trip or just want to see the difference premium hair extensions bring, Foxy Locks can give you what you need. You can check our selection of clip-ins today and find the one that suits your needs!

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