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One of the best ways to improve the colour of your hair whilst adding length and volume is with hair extensions. It’s key to have the right finish, including both the cut and colour, if you want natural-looking extensions.

Over time, hair extensions can become worn and tired, but you can trim hair extensions if you want to keep on top of their appearance. Having a professional cut the extensions is the best route, though we know it’s not always easy to get an appointment with your favourite hairdresser, especially when it’s last minute.

When the only option is cutting the extensions yourself, you need to be armed with the information on how to do it right. Read on for advice on how to cut hair extensions at home.


Before clip-in hair extensions meet any scissors, they must be installed on your hair. The extensions should be installed in a way that they match exactly with the desired outcome.

To see the shape, colour and texture of the extensions, it’s best to do the cutting dry. Doing this also helps with density and length accuracy.

Specialised tools are ideal instead of ordinary scissors for cutting hair extensions. Good equipment includes hair clips, hair pliers, hair shears and ties. Aside from a front and back mirror, having a fine-tooth comb on hand would be best.

Cutting should be done in a standing position to have the best view of the hair.


The point of cutting one’s hair extensions is being able to get a continuous blend. Having a grasp of cutting techniques is crucial here. Some key techniques are very helpful with hair extensions being well-blended.

  • Blunt Cutting – It’s not unusual for the ends to be wispy or uneven after extensions are layered and shaped. In this case, hair should be pulled forward, using fingers as a guide. For a blunt appearance, the cut should be directly across.
  • Point Cutting – Often referred to as a point cut, it leads the ends of hair to be feathered out and is perfect for removing blunt lines. Hold the extensions at the ends, then cut towards the hair in an upward motion. The whole point of this has less to do with length and more to do with reducing thickness considerably.
  • Slicing – With the natural length of hair as the shortest layer, this is key for adding layers and shaping the hair around one’s face. The cut must be done diagonally from the centre towards the ends.

Why Cut Hair Extensions Yourself

Hair extensions offer a fun, easy, and flexible way to switch up your style, so it doesn’t make sense to chop them off at first glance since they won’t grow back. However, trimming your hair extensions so they can look closer to your natural tresses can do wonders for upping your hair game.

Snipping your hair extensions can also shape them to create the illusion of lustrous locks that perfectly match your appearance. It also gives an excuse to play around with different looks without the risk of regretting it later.

Benefit #1: Remove Flyaway Strands for Good

Like your natural locks, hair extensions can also have flyaways contributing to a messy look. These pesky strands can dull a glamorous look instantly, especially if no amount of hair straightening can put the loose hair in its place.

Flyaway hair often happens when you wash and dry your extensions, which are necessary steps to extend their quality. Frustrating situations like these make trimming hair extensions a perfect option, allowing you to shape them to your liking and maintain a well-kept look.

Benefit #2: Embrace a New Style

Many ladies are suddenly urged to embrace their spontaneity and make drastic changes to their look, but taking on the scissors with inexperienced hands may not be the best idea for your natural locks.

Playing around with your hair by snipping them off can lead to devastating results for your hair, but you have the freedom to let loose and experiment with unique styles when cutting hair extensions.

It’s the perfect medium to help bring out your inner beauty guru with only YouTube tutorials as your guide. While the effects will be permanent on your extensions, at least your hair won’t have to go through your exploratory phase.


Hair extensions are an ideal way to add length and volume to hair and improve colour. Since the Covdid-19 pandemic led to hairdressers being closed, trimming or cutting hair extensions yourself is becoming more normal. Ideal cutting techniques include slicing, point cutting and blunt cutting.

Different hairstyles frame the face uniquely, creating a stylish appearance for every mood, outfit, and occasion. But people can’t freely experiment with their natural hair without sustaining long-lasting damage that can result in frizzy locks, split ends, and more.

That’s why hair extensions offer a simple yet compelling solution to all your hair needs, especially since these accessories can let anyone glamorise and achieve all their hair goals. Seeing as hair extensions remove the need to put your natural mane in harm’s way, it makes sense to use them to give your locks a break.

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