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The Roaring 20s were a glorious time! Aside from the elaborate parties and the live jazz music, the hairstyles were fabulous! One iconic fashion style is that of the Flapper girl. These women made bold statements with their hair and outfit choices. They were not afraid to put themselves out there! Although the 20s may seem like such a long time ago, there are still many ways the fashion of the Roaring 20s still influences today’s style.

Flapper girls had glorious hairstyles like the Finger Wave and Faux Bob. Whether you are attending a Great Gatsby themed party, or if you just want to get a taste of 20s hairstyles for yourself, this blog post will help guide you know how to pull off these amazing hairdos and rock that Roaring 20s look!

What You Need to Know to Nail a 20s Flapper Girl Look

1920s Hairstyles

In decades past, women were not known to have ever cut their hair short. However, when the 20s rolled around, women were ready to experiment with their fashion style and hairstyling choices. This is where extremely short bob hairstyles came into fashion. To make up for the lack of length of the hairstyles in this decade, women would often wear unique and ornate headpieces to complement their outfits.

Tips to Get Your 1029s Hair Just Right

1 – Use Hair Tools

The overall look most women were going for in the 20s was short yet thick and luxurious hair. Using hair tools such as fine combs, metal pin curl-ups, and shine sprays will help you get the desired look.

2 – Find Good Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not only used to help lengthen hair; they can also be used to thicken it. If you have extremely thin hair and want to have thicker hair to be able to successfully rock a 20s hairstyle, finding high-quality hair extensions will help! The key is to find realistic hair extensions that will blend in well with your natural hair. Most high-end hair extension brands will offer these types of extensions with a wide range of options to match your hair colour.

3 – Prepare Your Hair

Before clipping your extensions in, you need to find a good part of your hair where to place them. Prepare this part of your hair by creating a neat, deep side part on the chosen side of your head. Adding the extensions before doing any styling will be a good idea to make sure that the extension and your natural hair get styled together.

4 – Accessorize!

When you are happy with how your hair is styled with the extensions, it is time to add accessories! You may want to try a classic diamante encrusted headband or a simple ribbon with hanging jewels, the choice is yours!


The key to getting this hairstyle right is to have fun with it! It may take a few tries but with practice, you will be able to get how to properly fix your hair extensions to create a lovely 20s hairstyle! Whether you plan to rock this new ‘do for work or just on a casual date, it will be the perfect hair for any occasion!

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