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Putting on fake eyelashes may seem rather straightforward—how can it ever hurt, right? Unfortunately, the process takes skill, and will require a lot of practice. It’s quite like riding a bike—the more you do it, the better you get. It may seem rather challenging for a pair of lashes, but the results are always worth it. Countless individuals all over the world struggle with eyelashes willingly, as these contraptions can make your eyes look bigger and bolder, all without resorting to the rather messy method of mascara.

It still stands that placing fake lashes on can be terrifying, especially since you’ll be working with glue, tweezers, and everything else that could potentially poke your eye. As eyelash experts, however, we’ve come up with a simple guide for you”

How to Put on Eyelashes

  • Step 1: Choose the right type of eyelash set for your eye shape. While most products are designed to be universal, knowing your eye shape can help you place the strips properly. Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially since eyelashes can be styled in a variety of ways.
  • Step 2: Carefully remove the lashes from the box. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as merely grabbing and pulling. You risk damaging the hairs, so it’s best to gently roll the band down using your fingers. This will help loosen the glue, leaving the hairs intact. Do make sure to start from the outer corner!
  • Step 3: Apply the glue. The easy route would be to simply slather on glue to your lashes, but this will take time and potentially cause a mess. It’s best to first pour glue into an empty container, and grab a cotton swab. Take some glue and apply a thin layer onto the lash spine. Make sure to wait a few seconds before applying—and never blow on the glue!
  • Step 4: Trust in the power of tweezers. You’ll want to get the last spine at the proper area, so it’s best to use your trusty tweezers to do the job. First place the strip at the centre of your eye, carefully tucking in the outer and inner corners down the lash line. Once satisfied, carefully pat it down with your fingers and voila—you’ve successfully learned the art of fake eyelashes!

Fake Eyelashes Hacks You Need to Know

1 – Make sure to avoid mascara

Most eyelash guides postulate that mascara is the best way to ensure your false eyelashes look natural. While this may be true on a certain extent, it’s best to leave the mascara factor altogether. In doing so, you make sure that your falsies last longer!

2 – Never overclean your lashes

There will be bits of glue stuck in your false eyelashes, as well as dust. However, it’s always best to avoid overcleaning them. Soaking them in water will compromise the quality, so it’s best to get a cotton swab, dip it in water, and simply brush off the debris.

3 – Secure the ends

Your eyelashes blowing off as you walk down the street may feel like a nightmare, especially if you have no glue on hand. Prevention is always better than cure, so make sure to secure the ends by adding an extra dab of glue!

Making The Most Of Your Favorite Pair Of Lashes

Makeup can do wonders for your look, but making a statement will require you the saving grace of false eyelashes. Although it can be difficult to do, practice makes perfect. In time, you’ll be applying falsies like a pro, with no risk of walking down the street with your lashes prematurely falling off. As you prepare for parties and night outs, remember to keep this quick and easy guide in mind!

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