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Finding a quality mascara that gives you longer, fuller, and fluttery eyelashes you’ve always wanted is a tedious and costly trial-and-error process. Fortunately, there are quick and simple solutions: getting eyelash extensions and buying fake eyelashes.

This beauty procedure and product lifts your lashes, enhances your eyes and look, and draws people into your eyes. Best of all, it feels lightweight and looks natural. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers you need to read before getting them:

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that add length, fullness, and thickness to your natural lashes. What makes them different from strip lashes is that they are hand-glued individually, making them customizable and natural-looking.

What Are Fake Lashes?

Similar to eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes give you luscious lashes instantly. They come in diverse styles, lengths, thickness, and materials that allow you to create your desired look in seconds.

From thick and full, fun and flirty, to bold and voluminous, you can find the fake eyelashes you need to complete your look at our store. Our false eyelashes also come in various quality materials, such as premium mink, luxury silk, and natural human hair.

What Are False Eyelashes Made Of?

Many commercially available false eyelashes are made of synthetic materials, such as plastic fibres. They have stubbier ends and are thicker than your natural lashes, which make them unnatural.

At our store, our false eyelashes are created using luxury silk and are handcrafted with black cotton or an invisible band. Therefore, they blend seamlessly to your natural lashes, letting you enjoy a set of beautifully defined eyes without any hassle.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

Little evidence shows that eyelash extensions can affect your natural lash length or health long-term. But in some cases, there is a small risk of developing traction alopecia, a condition where your natural lashes can fall out.

Are They Safe?

Getting eyelash extensions is completely safe as long as your technician is highly trained and qualified to perform the procedure. They should be using the proper materials and the correct materials.

Before booking an appointment, check the reviews and feedback of the salon. Cancel your booking if they use a lash adhesive that contains formaldehyde. This ingredient can cause eye redness, irritation, and itchy, swollen eyelids.

On the other hand, using false lashes is safe with quality glue. When buying, opt to choose glues made with butyl cyanoacrylate and octyl cyanoacrylate because they’re less toxic to your eye area.

If you are looking for an oil-enriched eyelash glue, buy from our store. Our lash adhesive is fast-drying, waterproof, and specially formulated to be gentle on the eyes, so ensure a safe and precise application free from stress, mess, and hassle and false eyelashes that last for hours.


Lash extensions and false eyelashes can add some bold drama or a touch of subtle flirtiness that is sure to perk up your daily look and turn you to a total head-turner. Whether you want to get the procedure or opt to buy the product, head only to a reliable salon or store that offers quality and safe goods or services.

Upgrade your look and style by shopping at our store. Aside from eyelash extensions, we also offer a wide variety of quality clip-in hair extensions in the UK and US. Place your order now!

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