15th Mar 2023

Love Island final - Our thoughts on the winter series & get the look

Love Island final - Our thoughts on the winter series & get the look

Since January, we’ve been watching an array of twenty-somethings put their eggs in each other’s baskets and form connections with their ‘types on paper’ in a private, sunshine-filled villa in South Africa. Winter Love Island is over, with Kai and Sanam being crowned this series’ winners.

This year’s Winter Love Island was the first to grace our screens since it began in 2020. With the show being the nation’s most popular offering amongst 16–34-year-olds, we were rightfully invested in the arrivals of bombshells, the Casa Amor controversies, and the formation of our new favourite IT couples.

This year, the Love Island live shows were hosted by everyone’s #WCW, Maya Jama. Naturally, we must give a standing ovation for a human being so effortlessly flawless – but equally to her stylist and glam team for really rubbing it in. There wasn’t a single show or After Sun episode where Maya wasn’t head-to-toe perfection. Although you can witness a roundup of all her incredible outfit combinations here, our number one was this slick side-parted curly ponytail, paired with golden-toned eyeshadow and a nude-illusion dress by Syndical Chambers. To mimic Maya’s look, follow our tutorial on creating the perfect slick back bun, leaving the hair loose instead of securing it in an updo. Use a chopstick-style curling wand for tight, exaggerated curls, and set with hair spray.

First place

In the first place, Sanam Harrinanan took home the £50,000 prize pot with her partner Kai Fagan. The social worker from Bedford joined Love Island in Casa Amor, with Kai opting to recouple from Liv to explore his new connection. Sanam exhibited a kind, bubbly persona on the show, becoming the favourite by staying clear of the drama and focusing on her budding romance instead. We’re obsessed with her final look, which is both easy to achieve and effortlessly stunning. Sanam’s dark hair is gently highlighted with a multi-tonal shade, appearing auburn and blonde in different lights, complimentary to her complexion. For the final, she parted her hair down the side, putting gentle, brushed out waves throughout. The result is a classically glamorous, old Hollywood appearance. Achieve this look by following our tutorial.

Second place

In the second place, Lana Jenkins and her partner Ron remained strong contenders throughout the series, having both been OG contestants. Whilst they had their differences in the beginning, with Ron exploring other options and Lana refusing to be second best, the couple found their way back to each other, forming a connection that lasted to the very end. Lana has given us major #Hairspo throughout the series, with beachy tousled waves, pretty updos, and the classic messy bun, her hairstyle for the finale was not dissimilar to Sanam’s side parting with brushed out curls. For this look, we’d recommend the Foxy Locks Curling Wand, with the 32mm barrel making for the perfect body and volume. We’d recommend curling in small sections, then using the heat protective glove, coil up the hair and pin it in place to cool until you’ve completed your full head. Once done, unclip the girls, spritz with hairspray, and brush out with a wide-tooth comb.

Third place

In the third place, we have Samie Elishi and her partner Tom. London girl Samie exploded into the villa, catching the eyes of many a male suitor before settling with footballer Tom. Her no-nonsense attitude and back-yourself mentality have been a real highlight to witness, her confidence exuding to uplift the other girls alongside her. During the show, Samie regularly sported a slick pony with a centre parting, her chocolate brown locks swept out of her face to highlight her gorgeous features. To recreate Samie’s final look, we’d recommend using the Foxy Locks Argan Hair Oil or Hair Mask on a smoothing brush to flatten the hair against your scalp and tame any flyaways. Using these more gentle products, in comparison to gel or hair spray, will nourish your locks whilst sporting the same sleek appearance.

Fourth place

Finally, in fourth place, we have Tanya Manhenga and her partner Shaq. Coupling up in the very first episode, the pair were thrown off-course during Casa Amor, after some disagreements in the main villa led Tanya into recoupling with new islander Martin. After much grovelling, apologies, tears, and even more fallout (thank you movie night), the couple EVENTUALLY ended up back in each other’s arms, lasting all the way until the final. We’ll look past our girl’s mistakes and focus on Tanya’s positive points: her ability to bring the ‘wow’ factor is one of them. For her final look, Tanya sported a half-up, half-down ponytail, with face-framing sections loose in the front:

1. Using a tail comb for a precise part, split your hair in a centre parting.

2. Clip two front sections separate from the main ponytail, about 1-2 inches in thickness depending on your desired finished look.

3. Again, using a tail comb, split the remainder of the hair around the centre of your head, from the top of the ear round to the other. This will create a ponytail look.

4. Clip the bottom section down so that it doesn’t get in the way. With the top section of hair, work in a smoothing product and comb out the bumps so that the ponytail sits flat at the crown of your head.

5. Secure with a hair elastic and grips if needed.

6. Take a small piece of hair from inside the ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic at the base, this will disguise the elastic band and give a more polished look. Secure this with a hair grip.

7. Unclip the clips and brush out the front and bottom sections. Voila, your look is done!