20th Mar 2024

Bridal Hair Trends and Styles 2024

Bridal Hair Trends and Styles 2024

Bridal hairstyles are evolving in 2024, as brides step away from tradition to become more creative and experiment with contemporary looks and edgy accessories. With the rise of the ‘cool bride aesthetic’ and ‘fashion girl wedding’ trends, people are seeking new ways to add unique touches to their special day, injecting personal style and abandoning expectations.

After Sophia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s star studded wedding in the South of France last year, we’ve been given fresh inspiration and plenty of hair looks to add to our bridal mood-boards. Oozing timeless elegance with a sleek middle parted bun for the main ceremony, and a fun textured ponytail for the post-dinner celebrations, Sophia is the perfect example of the ‘second look’ trend.

The second look refers to a change in dress, hair, or makeup style for the bride halfway through the wedding day. Whilst brides might prefer a more formal, modest look for the main wedding nuptials and photographs, they might opt for a more comfortable or experimental style during the reception.

Some brides have taken the second look trend to the extremes with the ‘wedding chop’. This beauty led trend has seen several viral videos on TikTok, involving brides having long hair cut into a bob for their post-vow wedding party. For the brides that have time to spare in their schedule, it can be a special, and statement-making way to surprise your guests and spouse during your grand re-entrance.

Keep reading to discover our favourite Bridal hairstyles for 2024, and a step-by-step guide to achieve them.

Soft Chignon

Updos have always been a staple in bridal hairstyles, but this year we’re taking a softer approach to stiff, structured styles. For a more delicate touch, add texture to your locks before tying up. Style your hair in loose waves before gathering into a low bun. For that effortless, lived-in feel, pull a few face framing strands from the front. Consider accessorizing your chignon with stick-on hair pearls, or have a matching floral adornment from your bouquet to tie the look together.

Romantic Rapunzel

Wedding days are perhaps the closest to royalty we’ll ever get, so why not exaggerate the princess feel with stunning long locks? The Foxy Locks Luxurious range Remy hair extensions provides 26 inches of gorgeous length and stunning thickness. Style your hair in soft curls, seamlessly blending your natural locks with our expertly crafted invisible wefts.

Balletcore Bow

The balletcore bow trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Brides of 2024 can expect to see bow motifs on dresses, shoes, and jewelry – so hair should be no exception. Adding a velvet Ivory bow to your hairstyle could add a refined touch without straying far from tradition. A bow adds a classic touch of glamour, with the versatility to flatter your hair whether it’s worn up or down.

Sleek Ponytail

Sleek styles are perfect for brides looking to keep their hair out of their face and focus the attention on their dress or veil instead. Not only does a sleek look flatter your features, but it is also practical, comfortable and wearable for a full day of celebrations. Requiring minimal maintenance or restyling, you can use a combination of gel and hairspray to keep your ponytail in place.

Starting on freshly washed, damp hair, evenly distribute a small amount of styling product throughout your locks. Leave section out at the top, front of your hair. With a soft bristle brush, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head, mid-height between your crown and nape. Secure in place with a hair elastic. Take a small piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around the elastic to disguise the base. Secure this with a hair grip. With the front section of your hair, part in the middle and loop the two pieces toward the back of your head, securing in place underneath the ponytail. Spritz with hairspray for a firm hold.

Must-Have Bridal Products

It’s important to be as prepared as possible for your big day. You want no factor left unconsidered in the run up, and no hair out of place! Here’s the top three must-have products to keep on stand-by:

Keeps hair smelling gorgeous all day, adding a subtle glow to your finished style. Delicate notes of Amberwood, Saffron and Vanilla marry together for a sophisticated fragrance.

Ensure your hair and makeup are looking their best with out travel brush and compact mirror. Small and lightweight, it can be easily transported and whipped out in times of need. Top up lipstick or smooth your hair with ease.

Strenuous styling processes, such as applying heat, backcombing, or colouring, may cause damage or breakage to your locks. Prepare your hair in advance with maximum TLC. Nourish and moisturize your hair with rich argan oil and keratin proteins.

If you are a 2024 bride, or a bridal hair stylist, we want you! If you’d be interested in working with Foxy Locks on exciting upcoming projects, please get in touch. You can reach us via this contact form