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With the wide range of styles and types to choose from, hair extensions have increased in popularity over the years. They have even managed to become a necessity to many people. After all, they make you feel good and confident because of their ability to add volume and length to your natural hair instantly!

However, choosing the best hair extensions is not a piece of cake. You have to do your research and consider a number of crucial factors before you go ahead and buy a set or two. This article will give you a good rundown of what you have to do and think about when getting hair extensions.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Hair Extensions

Since there are numerous types and styles of hair extensions available, you have to really think about what you want. They vary in colour, length, and thickness, so you have to decide which suits your taste and needs. Aside from taking the price, final look, and salon into account, you must consider four other factors when choosing hair extensions.

1. Material

Among the tons of hair extension options available in the market, you can choose between two main types: human hair or synthetic hair. The former is, true to its name, made from natural human hair from top to bottom.

An excellent option is the gold standard: Remy hair extensions. All of its cuticles are intact and aligned better than most. Remy hair extensions are known to be smooth and silky, so you can trust that they won’t give you the hassle of tangles.

Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, consist of all artificial, fine-blended fibres. The synthetic extensions, of course, do not have any trace of human hair, but the plastic used to make it are manufactured to imitate the look and feel of natural human hair as much as possible.

2. Quality

Whatever you are buying, you must look for high-quality stuff. In hair extensions, those made from human hair gives the best quality you can look for. Human hair extensions can last even a whole year if you know how to take care of them well.

However, synthetic hair extensions can also do the trick, and they are the cheaper alternative. But do note that synthetic extensions cannot last as long as human hair extensions. The longest they can last is around one or two months, given that they are well taken care of.

3. Look and Texture

The vast styles and colours available for hair extensions offer you a wide array of options to choose from; however, they do differ from how they look and feel. Synthetic hair extensions can feel stiff, and they do not behave as natural human hair does. They can feel coarse or wiry and may not blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

So if you want something that looks super realistic with your natural hair, go for human hair extensions as they can behave the same way as your natural hair.

4. Treatments and Styling

Since they are made from real human hair, human hair extensions can handle the same treatments and styling done on natural hair. Whether you want to bleach, colour, curl, or straighten it—it does not matter; you can do it all with human hair extensions without any hassle.

On the other hand, synthetic hair is the exact opposite: it is sensitive, so you must be careful with the treatments and styles you do with it. Chemicals such as bleach and hair dyes can irreparably damage synthetic hair extensions, as well as heat from curling irons and straighteners.

6 Most Popular Types of Hair Extensions

Here are some of your options from the wide range of hair extensions. Be sure to read through it to find out which matches your type and taste the best.

1. Clip-Ins

If you are looking for a temporary, DIY hair extension solution, your best option is to buy clip-in hair extensions. You can take them out whenever you want to because they do not have long-term bonding with your hair.

Aside from that, they also look natural and seamless when attached. This is the most affordable hair extension you can buy. It does damage to your hair in any way, and you can attach it by yourself!

2. Tape-Ins

On the other hand, tape-ins consist of thin tape wefts that are attached to your hair. It is a popular option because of its non-chemical quality, making it feel and look like natural hair.

Just like clip-ins, they can be easily attached to your hair in less than an hour. Tape-in hair extensions can last around two months and be reused thrice if you take care of them thoroughly.

3. Micro Rings

Aside from looking creative, ring hair extensions are a good way to attach extensions to your hair without the need for heat or glue. Micro ring extensions are one of the more professional techniques of applying extensions. They also look and feel like natural hair. It is attached through micro rings in which the extension strands are inserted and clamped flat. There are various sizes and colours of micro rings available, which is advantageous if you have coloured hair.

4. Nano Rings

Nano ring hair extensions are applied through a process similar to micro rings. The only difference is that nano ring hair extensions are the best option for fine hair. The rings are exceptionally small, which makes the extensions pretty much undetectable. Make sure to remove the extensions after 6 to 8 weeks after the first application to avoid hair strain.

5. LA Weave

This is a versatile and popular type of hair extension. It takes around an hour to attach it through micro ring attachments and specialised stitching methods. You can choose from 120g or 150g weave thickness, whichever suits your natural hair.

6. Keratin Pre-Bonded

Keratin pre-bonded hair extensions offer realistic and natural results if you want something to wear every day. What makes this different from other styles is the keratin bond, also known as hot fusion, which connects the keratin square to a particular area of your hair. This is a very durable attachment, as the hair technician will work on moulding and shaping the extensions, and the heat seals it all through.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to explore your options when planning to buy hair extensions. If you are still hesitant after you do your research, you can consult a hair technician for better advice.

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