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Hair extensions are a great way of amping up your look. If you are part of a bridal party, have a formal work event, or must otherwise dress up and be a little bit glamorous, extensions allow you to achieve the hair length and volume for elaborate hairstyles.

People who have thin hair might also purchase extensions for daily use. Some salons offer services for attaching these enhancements; some places specialise in clip-in hair extensions, while others use a flexi system. Some salons specialise in a natural weft, others use a flat weft, and some use tape extensions for more stylised looks.

How do you choose extensions?

With all of this variety, it can be overwhelming trying to choose extensions for yourself. Don’t worry—you only have to find an extension system that fits your hair length and volume. Before choosing extensions, you must know as much as possible about their thickness levels. In this article, we will look in-depth at clip-in hair.

The first thing you should know about clip-in hair extensions is that there are three different weights from which you can choose. There are 120-gram, 160-gram, and 230-gram variants. The thickness does not describe the strands’ width; instead, it points to the amount of hair attached to each weft. You can gather these extensions into a tight braid to measure how thick it would make your hair seem. As a rule of thumb, though, the higher the gram, the thicker the hair!

120-gram sets

120-gram hair extensions are for women who have excessively thin hair. They frequently use this thickness for daily wear, and it gives plenty of volume and heft. A set of 120-gram extensions has nine pieces in all; there are four single clip wefts, two wefts measuring four inches, another two measuring six inches, and one which is at eight inches.

Picking a higher-gram set is not ideal for people with thin hair. Thick extensions will feel heavy on people who have fine hair, so make sure you choose something suitable for you.

160-gram sets

Those who have a medium thickness and are just looking to add volume and length can opt for 160-gram sets. This variant has ten pieces in all. You can expect to receive a single seven-inch weft, two that measure six inches each, two others that are at four inches each, and four single-clip wefts.

230-gram sets

Finally, you can use a 230-gram set if you have thick hair but want more volume. If you have above-shoulder length hair, or if you want a dramatic look, you can use this variant. Short hair has blunt edges, so it needs plenty of hair to ensure a seamless blend.


Choosing the perfect set of extensions requires striking a balance between volume and length. For Remy hair clip-in variants, it is best to stay within four inches of your natural hair. Doing this ensures a more natural look. If you pay attention to the tips outlined above, you’ll find a variant that enhances your hair and lets it truly shine.

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