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Fake eyelashes have always been famous for its many benefits, but they’ve hogged the spotlight in personal aesthetics over the last few years. Even though they’re merely small pieces of hair you attach to your eyelids, they can dramatically change your look. Even when you’re too lazy to dress up for the day and choose to throw on a simple t-shirt and jeans, fake eyelashes can instantly upgrade your look.

Although they do require some maintenance, since you may end up with having your falsies stuck to your pillow when you forget to remove them before going to sleep, they’re amazing accessories to have in your arsenal. Unlike real eyelashes, they don’t clump or stick together. They’re also easy to apply and remove, making them no-brainers for anyone who wants to look even more gorgeous than they already are!

Here are five reasons to wear fake eyelashes:

They Stay Intact Even During Emotional Times

Whether you’re attending a wedding, watching a heartbreaking movie, or are generally going through a hard time, making sure your makeup stays intact is a struggle in itself. No one enjoys having streaks of mascara running down their face, as it definitely makes them look like an emotional wreck. Luckily, wearing false eyelashes will enhance your eyes and make them look dramatic without risking any dark streaks running down your face. You can cry your heart out without worrying about losing your falsies!

They’re Made of Different Materials

While you may think that false eyelashes are all the same, there are many options available at different price points to suit your needs. If you want a realistic look, go for human hair, luxury silk, or mink. They’re soft to the touch while looking like your natural lashes, and no one would ever be the wiser to guess that you have falsies on! Even though eyelash adhesives are strong and will make sure that your lashes stay on, you can easily pull it off when you’re done with them. How’s that for a win-win?

They Help Support Your Real Eyelashes

Even though false eyelashes don’t have particular components or substances that will grow your eyelashes, opting for these instead of mascara will help your natural eyelashes stay strong and healthy. Repeatedly applying mascara to your eyelashes eventually weakens them, resulting in brittle hair that will break and fall off. However, with false eyelashes, your real ones will begin to look thicker and lusher.

You Can Go Further With Eyelash Extensions

Fake eyelashes are all well and good, and you can take everything to the next level with eyelash extensions. You can sleep in them and wear them for weeks on end since the correct weight and length are carefully placed on your natural lashes. They’re also placed just a millimetre from your skin, so they don’t contact your lids in the process. They naturally shed after about two weeks, so you won’t have to worry about breakage or pulling them off.

They Keep Your Skin Healthy

Washing and wiping off makeup is a ritual in itself with all the rigorous rubbing we have to do to clean our faces. Unfortunately, such roughhousing results in eyelash losh and skin damage, especially around the eyes. Removing mascara and eye makeup, in particular, can make the skin around this area dry and brittle, since the constant application and removal using formulas stresses it out.

Luckily, there’s none of that with false eyelashes. You won’t have to deal with bacteria on old mascara wands, having to scrub your eyes free of makeup or worry about breakage from curling your eyelashes. All you have to do is put on your false eyelashes and remove it when you’re done.


False eyelashes and eyelash extensions offer a world of benefits to those who are careful about their appearances. They’re easy to apply and remove, requiring little maintenance. There are also many choices out there to suit each preference, from thick and dramatic to subtle and flirty. With falsies or lash extensions, you can confidently conquer your day.

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