13th Dec 2023

2024 Hair Trends

2024 Hair Trends

The world of fashion and beauty is ever-evolving, reflecting both personal style and the wider spirit of the times. As we step into a new year, 2024 promises to provide us with even more hair inspiration than ever before. From new variations of popular haircuts to daring colour palettes and fun accessories, how we wear our hair is poised to be a playground for experimentation and individuality.

Join us as we explore the biggest upcoming hair trends defining 2024. A celebration of diversity, creativity and self-expression. Whether you’re seeking a transformative change or a more subtle reinvention, this comprehensive guide dives into the best cuts, styles, techniques and care coming up in the new year.

Back of girl's head showing hair pinned back with an oversized hair bow

Old Money Hair

Old money hair refers to classic, elegant haircuts and styles that are associated with individuals from affluent backgrounds. The concept extends beyond physical appearances and encompasses an overall aesthetic that is timelessly sleek and sophisticated.

Origins of the trend are based on traditions that span many decades, but a recent resurgence has seen the #OldMoneyAesthetic gain 5.1billion views on TikTok. Icons of the old money aesthetic include Princess Diana, Amal Clooney and Blake Lively.

Old money hair is well maintained, natural in colour and long in length. There are no outgrown roots or split ends to be found here! Styled in bouncy blow outs, cascading curls or subtle waves, there is simply never a strand out of place with this look.


Following the rise in popularity of the old money hair trend, chic hair accessories will be everywhere in 2024. Offering a stylish way to elevate an everyday hairstyle; head bands, bows and ribbons are set to become a firm favourite in 2024.

In keeping with the coquette aesthetic of 2023, bows will stick around in the new year as the it-girl go-to. Playful and versatile, there are many ways to incorporate bow clips and ribbon ties into your look. Add a touch of whimsy to plaits, place above a low chignon, and enhance a half up, half down style with a touch of silk or velvet ribbon.

Head bands also offer practical function to keep your hair out of your face while you carry out your daily tasks. Efficient and fashionable, hair accessories are an affordable way to update your style without breaking the bank.

Long Bob

The Hailey Bieber bob was a huge trend for 2023. In particular, blunt cuts with tousled textures were hot topic on the red carpet. Although the bob is an ageless hairstyle, perhaps now is a transitional time to begin growing out your hair or enter a new chapter with a shorter style in line with the changing year?

Enter in the lob (abbreviation of long bob). Opt for subtle long layers towards the ends of the hair to take weight out of the bottom and give a softer line when framing the face. This look requires minimal maintenance, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. It can still be tied up for the duality of updo styles, and you can experiment with curling and straightening to really play up to its flexibility.

Foxy Locks branded hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil

Custom Hair & Care

Personalization is a major trend coming into 2024. In a world flooded with products, people seek unique experiences and recommendations tailored to their individual needs. From handpicked haircare routines to unique contour cuts, customization will be everywhere.

A contour cut is a haircutting technique that enhances your features by taking into account your cheekbones, jawline and face shape. It uses layering instead of makeup to chisel the face, reduce roundness and add definition. Of course, this would be down to you and your hairdresser to work out placement and styling options to flatter you best.

Working out your particular hair pain points and finding the solution will be a top priority. Prone to frizz? Lacking in volume? Not growing past a certain length? Identifying these problems and resolving them will be the goal of 2024. Luckily, our hair care products and Remy hair extensions can come to the rescue.

If you’d like to get in touch with us about our bespoke extension colour matching service, or any other product information, don’t hesitate to reach out via DM, email or contact form!