11th Oct 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Cool Girl Halloween Costumes

The Ultimate Guide to Cool Girl Halloween Costumes

Spooky season is well and truly upon us, and it’s time to start costume planning! Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative and embrace iconic pop culture moments. This year has seen the release of many incredible TV and film moments for possible character inspiration, the most obvious being the blockbuster hit live-action Barbie movie. Just because it might be a popular choice, doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent one! You can find our full guide to achieving Barbie hair here.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the cool girl costume ideas that are sure to make an impact, guarantee the best reactions, and look great on the ‘gram!

Angelina Jolie – Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft’s style is that of a rugged adventurer, with functionality and athleticism at its core. For the costume you will need a tank top, cargo pants or shorts and a pair of combat boots. Accessories include fingerless gloves and pistol holsters. For hair, a thick long braid is the finishing touch. Follow these instructions to recreate the hairstyle:

  • Start on clean, dry hair. Brush out any knots and apply a small amount of Foxy Locks Luxury Gold Hair Oil to smooth and shine.
  • Brush hair towards the back of your head, gathering into a mid-height ponytail and securing with an elastic band.
  • Gently pull forward some face framing tendrils around the front of the face for a more messy, worn-in feel.
  • Once your ponytail is in place, you can add extra length and thickness with a Clip In Ponytail Extension .
  • Slide the grips of the extension underneath the base of your natural ponytail. Once this is fitted, wrap the extension tightly around the ponytail to fix firmly. Use grips to fasten this in.
  • Once the extension is securely attached, begin a three strand braid down the length of the hair. This will help blend your natural locks into the extension.
  • Once you have braided the full length, secure with a small clear elastic on the end. Pull small sections out for a messier appearance.
  • Finish the look with hairspray to hold in place.

Pamela Anderson – CJ Parker – Baywatch

CJ Parker is the epitome of beach babe. Known for the red, high-cut one piece swimsuit and sun-kissed physique, pair with a lifeguard’s whistle and shorts for a full outfit. This blonde bombshell radiates a relaxed and effortlessly cool surfer vibe, and undone waves are the perfect hairstyle to match this look.

  • Begin on freshly washed, towel-dry hair. Take a small amount of a good quality volumizing hair mousse in the palm of your hand and smooth through your hair from root to ends.
  • Spritz over a heat defence and begin to rough dry using a hair dryer. Flip your head upside down for maximum volume.
  • Once hair is dry, it’s time to begin on the textured wave. Section off the hair into smaller, manageable parts and curl using a wide barrel curling wand . Alternate the direction of each curl for a tousled look.
  • Once you have curled your full head, spritz in a salt spray and separate the curls.
  • Shake your hair out and backcomb at the root for a messier, fresh from the beach appearance.
  • For extra thickness, boost your hair with our Volumizer Clip In extension range . Made from premium Remy hair with seamless wefts to be completely undetectable, simply apply to your natural hair after washing and drying and before styling to blend them with ease.

Jenna Ortega – Wednesday Addams – Wednesday

Wednesday wasn’t released in time for last year’s Halloween festivities so you’ll have to grant us permission to revisit the record breaking Netflix series for 2023. Unmistakably gothic, Wednesday’s character appears as though she’s in mourning with her all black attire. Think collared dress, knee high socks, and dark smokey makeup to recreate this costume. For hair, a super sleek, middle part braided style will perfectly transform you into Wednesday.

  • Ideal for some, you don’t have to have clean hair to create this look! In fact, you can leave in hair conditioner or a nourishing hair mask to hydrate your locks and achieve a sleek look. Alternatively, you can use hair oil or gel.
  • Start by brushing any tangles out of your lengths. Use the pointed end of a tail comb to create a middle parting from your forehead all the way to the nape of your neck.
  • Once your hair has been parted completely into two halves, tie one half out of the way whilst you work on the other side.
  • Using a comb, smooth one half of your hair into a low ponytail, positioned just behind your ear. Tie with a clear elastic to secure in place.
  • Split the hair into three equal sections and braid these down the entire length. Secure again at the ends with another clear elastic band.
  • Untie the other half and repeat the ponytail and braid on that side. Once finished, you can use small scissors to carefully snip out the elastic band at the top of the braid.
  • Finish the look with hairspray to ensure all flyaways are smoothed down and in place.

Alexa Demie – Maddy Perez – Euphoria

Perhaps one of the most talked about TV shows of the 2020’s so far, Euphoria took over our screens with the perfect mix of stunning makeup looks and coming of age teen angst. Rue, Jules, Maddy, Cassie, Lexi and Kat offer viewers a range of style inspirations, with each female lead having their own distinct personality to emulate. For Maddy, recreate her outfits by wearing a velour tracksuit, cut out two piece, or bodycon mini dress. Opt for a winged liner, glossy nude brown lips and face gems for extra sparkle. Maddy’s sleek, dark hair is meticulously styled, here’s how to achieve the look:

  • Wash hair with Luxury Duo Argan Infused Shampoo and Conditioner . Remove excess moisture by squeezing with a towel.
  • Spray in some heat defense, and blow-dry using a round brush to smooth and tame flyaways.
  • Once hair is completely dry, clip in your Foxy Locks Remy extensions to add extra length and thickness all throughout your natural hair.
  • Switch on your straighteners to heat up whilst you separate your hair into smaller manageable sections.
  • Using a comb to guide your straightener and ensure a silky finish, straighten each section until it is poker straight and completely sleek.
  • Finish the look with a 90s zigzag hairband, pulling hair away from the face. Use drops of hair oil for a super glossy look.

There you have it - our favourite cool girl Halloween costume ideas! Other suggestions could also include a sleek cat woman, classy Bridgerton character, a Kardashian-Jenner sister or a noughties icon like Britney or the Spice Girls. Show us your looks by tagging us on socials. Trick or treat!