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When you’re considering getting clip-in hair extensions, it comes with no surprise if you fall into the dark hole of hair extension horror stories. When you’re swimming down that hole, you’ll find pretty alarming pictures of hair extensions nightmares, making you want to ditch the idea of getting them altogether.

However, you should know that there’s a light at the end of that gloomy tunnel, and these disasters only happen when you don’t apply them well or don’t take good care of them at all. Because, to be frank, clip-in hair extensions are actually the least damaging and less risky out of all extension types.

To ensure you won’t experience any of the hair extension horror stories you found, it’s important to use high-quality clip-in hair extensions from brands like Foxy Locks.

Just in case you’re still worried about clip-in hair extensions and if they can truly damage your hair, we’ve created a list of the most common concerns about this hair product to give you peace of mind.

Concern #1: Clip-In Hair Extensions Will Pull Your Hair Out

An incredibly common concern that people have about clip-in hair extensions is that they can pull your hair out. However, high-quality clip-ins have incorporated safe “clip”‘ technology that will eliminate these woes.

Foxy Locks uses small snap clips so you can easily clip the extensions under your own hair. We use high-quality clips with a silicone insert so they won’t damage your hair and remain secure. Our clips use stainless steel metal with rubber grips, so they’re easy to hide, giving only a small fraction of hair weight.

Concern #2: Clip-In Hair Extensions Can Cause Traction Alopecia

One of the craziest concerns we have on this list is this — extensions can cause alopecia. The fact is clip-in extensions don’t really cause extreme damage unless you’re wearing them in an extremely high ponytail. And also, you should be wearing them every day and for a long time.

Although hair extension methods can still cause tension on your hair strands, you can actually control the tension your hair receives by taking off your clip-in extensions.

Concern #3: Clip-In Hair Extensions Disrupt Natural Hair Growth

Because of the additional weight your hair carries due to the clip-ins, it’s understandable for people to think that it stumps hair growth, but you should know that clip-ins won’t stop your hair from growing.

The only way you’ll experience a stop in hair growth is if you completely damage your hair and make mistakes in caring for your hair. But other than that, clip-in hair extensions are relatively safe and won’t affect hair growth.

Top Tips to Help Prevent Hair Damage

Here are the top hair extension care tips to help you ensure that your beautiful new extensions do not damage your natural locks.

1 – Shop for High-Quality Hair Extensions

The first part of the equation is finding high-quality hair extensions. If you choose to buy cheap and low-class hair extensions, they will definitely show. High-quality extensions have been specifically designed to prevent hair from being damaged when they are used. Halo hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions are excellent examples of these high-end extensions that you will benefit from.

2 – Treat Your Extensions Like Your Natural Hair

You must take care of your hair extensions like your natural hair. There will usually be instructions included in the package of your hair extensions. It is best that you adhere to the instructions mentioned here for the best results. An example of this is that you should remove your clip-in hair extensions before going to bed to avoid damaging your natural hair and scalp if you leave them in.

3 – Make Sure to Apply Them Properly

The last tip is to ensure you put on your hair extensions correctly. Making sure they are placed in the correct position will prevent your hair from getting pulled and damaged when wearing them. If you do not know how to apply them, there are numerous YouTube videos that help with this problem! Also, instructions on how to put the extensions on will likely be included in the packaging of the hair extensions when you buy them.

The Bottom Line: Clip-In Hair Extensions Do the Least Damage to Your Hair

Before anything else, we must address whether hair extensions can damage natural hair. The truthful and unadulterated answer is yes, but only if you do not buy high-quality extensions and if you do not take care of them well. If you take the time to make sure that your extensions are well-taken care of, you will not have to worry about damaging your hair in the process.

Just because you’re adding a bit more weight to your hair and clipping in other materials doesn’t mean you’re damaging your hair. You’ll only do so if you lose low-quality clip-in extensions and don’t follow the right techniques in carrying your clip-ins.

Ideally, you want to use high-quality clip-in hair extensions from Foxy Locks to ensure that you look great when you step out, all while keeping your hair safe and damage-free.

Why Choose Foxy Locks?

Now that you know that hair extensions will not damage your hair provided you follow the tips above shop for high-quality hair extensions at Foxy Locks! Foxy Locks has been supplying women worldwide with luxurious quality clip-in Remy hair. We pride ourselves on offering fantastic products and excellent customer service. If you are looking for good hair extensions in the UK, we supply you with nothing but the best! Shop with Foxy Locks today!

If you’re looking for premium clip-in hair extensions in the UK, check out Foxy Locks. Foxy Locks have been supplying luxurious and high-quality Remy hair for years. We pride ourselves in offering top tier hair products partnered with excellent customer services. Check out our products today!

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