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When considering hair extensions, the clip-in variety is definitely the most popular on the market. They are convenient, long-lasting (if taken care of), and offer a wide range of styles, textures, and lengths to choose from. If you’ve ever thought about changing up your hairstyle but aren’t ready to commit to a haircut, perm, or colouring your locks, then clip-in hair extensions are perfect for you. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when shopping for your set.

Pros of Clip-In Extensions

The best thing about clip-in extensions is that you can wear them whenever you need or want to. It’s a great alternative to permanently fitted hair extensions, which requires a greater level of commitment. Try clip-ins if you play sports or if you tie your hair up often.

Clip-ins are also great for beginners since they are so easy to apply. Some people may want to change up their look but don’t consider themselves very good at hair styling, and clip-in extensions are a great solution. They can even be styled the night before, saving you plenty of time when preparing the next day.

Since clip-in extensions come in various styles, they are some of the best hairstyle options for special events and holidays. Clip-ins are also a fuss-free choice for days when you feel like looking a little prettier! With this confidence booster, you can feel good as long as your hair looks great.

Cons of Clip-In Extensions

If you’re someone who typically has long days, then you may want to be careful with leaving your clip-in extensions for too long. Since they aren’t permanent, leaving them in for too long or accidentally washing them while worn can potentially tangle and damage your hair.

Some people may also experience stress and tension on the part of their heads where the extensions are attached. For instance, if you’re wearing clip-in ponytail extensions for twelve hours a day, consider taking them out now and again to give your head a break. Try to vary where and how your hair is tied as well to provide extra support for your scalp.

Another disadvantage is that clip-ins are not customisable, except thick clip-in human hair extensions that can be coloured by a professional.

Choosing Remy Human Hair Extensions

After you’ve decided on getting clip-ins, next is to choose the type of hair for the extensions. There are many options on the market, but investing in Remy extensions is one of the best options if you want the most natural-looking extensions possible. They are made of human hair with the cuticles left intact, a quality that sets them apart from other extensions. Extra care is taken to ensure that the hair faces the same direction, and Remy is known for being less prone to tangling and matting, all while maintaining its lustrous and supple appearance.

Remy hair extensions can also be styled and treated just like natural hair. Whether you want them iron-curled or chemically straightened and dyed, they will feel no different to your natural hair. Synthetic clip-in extensions cannot handle exposure to high temperatures and constant exposure to sunlight, but Remy extensions can.

The Bottom Line

Even with some of the disadvantages of clip-in extensions, they are still the best option for customising your hair if you want to experiment with different looks or lack the time and patience to style your hair. They are convenient, have tons of variety, and can really elevate your look with just a simple clip into your natural hair. When shopping for your extensions, make sure to pick a high-quality set such as those made with Remy hair so that they are longer-lasting, better-looking, and easier to work with for effortlessly beautiful tresses!

Foxy Locks provides women all over the world with the best quality clip-in Remy hair extensions. From natural hair extensions to ponytail clip-ins, we ensure that you get fantastic products and excellent customer service every single time. Shop our selection today!

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