31st Jan 2024

The Imogen Fox Edit

The Imogen Fox Edit

Having founded Foxy Locks in 2009, Imogen Fox is the creative force behind our leading luxury hair extension brand. Born out of her own hair struggles and frustrations with the lack of quality extensions available at the time, Imogen began the journey to building a global company that prioritizes providing salon-standard Remy hair extensions and superior customer service.

In the era before influencing was a recognized career path, Imogen revolutionized the beauty industry by using YouTube and social media to showcase her brand through tutorials. Her unwavering commitment and entrepreneurial spirit built a community of loyal customers that have stuck with us throughout.

Entering 2024 as Foxy Locks’ fifteenth year in business, we revisit some of Imogen’s standout products from our collections.

Image of some Foxy Locks blonde clip-in hair extensions

Seamless Clip-In Extensions

Foxy Locks premium seamless clip-in Remy extensions are designed to sit flat against your scalp, maintaining an undetectable appearance whilst providing luscious length and volume. State of the art snap clips secure firmly to your natural hair, with a lightweight design to prevent pulling at the root. Ideal for daily use, easy to apply and style and with no long-term bonding or damage, Imogen says: “these extensions give me the confidence and versatility to effortlessly transform my look depending on my mood.”

Foxy Locks Luxury Gold Hair Oil

Infused with Argan oil, collagen and keratin, the Luxury Gold Oil is one of Imogen’s desert island essentials. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this product hydrates and deep conditions both natural hair and extensions to treat dryness, protect against heat damage and leave locks soft and shiny. An essential component of any hair enthusiast’s care routine, Imogen names the Gold Oil as a “true game-changer” for maintaining her hair’s health. With an easy-to-apply pipette to target the scalp directly, it can be used as a pre-wash leave in treatment, or warmed into the hands to add a smoothing touch to your finished hairstyle.

Image of the Foxy Locks Luxury Gold Oil

Velcro Clip-In Ponytail

For the days when you want your hair out of your face without compromising on achieving a glamorous hairstyle, our Clip-In Ponytail should be on speed dial. Instantly elevating your updo, the Remy ponytail extension adds effortless length and volume. Don’t fancy committing to a lengthy hair routine? The Ponytail is the perfect quick fix, simply slick your hair up into an elastic with a gel or styling serum and attach the extension. Create a chic, polished look in minutes!


Imogen spoke for the vast majority of us when she revealed another desert island essential is a good hairbrush. The Foxy Locks brushes feature separated nylon fibres for gently detangling your locks without causing any breakage. The flexible boar bristles of our Large Paddle brush help tame frizz and add shine, perfect for your natural hair and Remy extensions. Our Ultimate Detangler can be used on wet or dry hair to de-knot, specifically designed to have comfortable grip for maximum ease whilst styling.

Image of some blonde Foxy Locks ponytail hair extensions

Curling Wand

Finally, the Imogen edit wouldn’t be complete without including the Curling Wand that our CEO swears by. For her signature everyday hairstyle, Imogen’s go to is a loose curl. With a gold plated 32mm barrel, the Foxy Locks curling wand creates big, bouncy curls or brushed out Hollywood waves with ease. Depending on your technique, you can achieve a plethora of different looks. Designed with a longer barrel than standard wands for easy use on long locks and extensions, the protective cool tip helps to keep your fingers safe whilst styling.

Achieving stunning hair looks is made easier with the right tools for the job. With Imogen’s leadership, passion and drive, Foxy Locks is an industry leader in the beauty space. With the goal of creating products that empower people to look and feel their best, Imogen says: “feeling my best means I work better and my whole persona is elevated.”

Reach out to the team if you have any comments or queries, we love hearing from you!