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It’s exciting to see different hairstyles nowadays. From colours to styles, all make them a hot new trend. A lot of fashionable individuals might be interested in coloured hair extensions as well, just like ombre and balayage. How do they differ from each other? Let’s find out.

Ombre Vs. Balayage Hair Extensions

Both Ombre and Balayage techniques portray excellent results; however, these two are entirely different.


Ombre is a French term meaning ‘shadow.’ The Ombre technique involves a bold styling of hair colour from root to tip. Colour may drastically vary from root to tip, but it is actually a gradual transition from one shade to another.

With Ombre hair colour, the hair roots are naturally and noticeably in a darker colour, and then they transition to lighter locks. Your stylist must achieve a great Ombre style so that the transition in shades is correct and doesn’t show any distinct lines from one colour to the next.


On the other hand, Balayageis a French term that means to ‘sweep.’ This colour technique comprises the processes of painting or sweeping the colours onto the hair. Balayage colour is a free-hand highlighting technique, unlike the traditional method done by using foil highlights.

Balayage is a popular hair trend colour that gives you blended and natural-looking hair colour. With this technique, you can see the natural highlights are a few shades lighter than the actual hair tone. The bottom of the hair is made darker than your roots to create dimension and movement to your tresses.

It is a low maintenance look and easily grows out as the hair is not saturated from root to tip. If you’re looking for locks that are glossy and sun-kissed, you should consider having a balayage hair colouring technique.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

Many people may have a hard time deciding between balayage and ombre hair extensions. The main difference between the two is the shades you want to have in your hair. If you have darker hair, you can easily achieve an ombre look. You can perfectly go from the darkest roots and lighten the tips with brighter colours if you really want to achieve a gorgeous, stunning hairstyle.

But, if you like to have a more subtle change from shade to shade, the balayage may be the better colour for you. It is the common choice of people who aim to have lighter ends of hair but still want to achieve a more natural effect.

Also, it will be exciting if you will experiment with different hair colours. You can try having a blonde to cotton candy pink, depending on the vibe you want to portray.

So, Which Hair Extension Is Better?

Both ombre and balayage are stunning hair extensions. They can help you change your look in just a matter of minutes!


Using hair extensions is a more convenient and effective way to get the look you want. You don’t need long hours of hair dyeing sessions at your favourite salon. All you need to do is to clip them onto your hair, and you can be as trendy as you want! When it comes to choosing between ombre and balayage hair extensions, both can be great, but it’s up to your preference!

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