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If you’re looking for the best way to enhance your hair and add volume to it, getting natural hair extensions is your best option. The great thing about it is that now, all it takes is a few clicks on your favourite website, and you’re good to go. But with tons of available products online, how would you know which one would look best on you?

In this article, we’ll go through the different hair extensions we offer at Foxy Locks. You’ll get to discover the thickness variations and their suitability to different hair types—so you can pick out the one that’s perfect for your needs and your style.

Types of Foxy Locks Clip-In Hair Extensions UK

When you shop for your clip-in hair extensions at Foxy Locks, you can take your pick among this range of designs:

1. Elegant

The Elegant Range is designed for those looking for a natural finish. You can take your pick from different designs:

  • 14-inch 120 grams
  • 16-inch 150 grams
  • 18-inch 130 grams
  • 20-inch 160 grams

2. Deluxe

If you want something in the midst of natural and voluminous, the Deluxe Range is perfect for you. At our store, we offer two classifications in this type:

  • 18-inch 180 grams
  • 20-inch 200 grams

3. Superior

Get that extra luscious thickness with the Superior Range. It is available as a 22-inch 230-gram product that you can purchase.

4. Luxurious

If you are after the ultimate glamorous look, the Luxurious Range delivers the thickest and longest options for clip-in hair extensions. You can choose from these two options:

  • 24-inch 230 grams
  • 26-inch 300 grams

5. Volumizer

If you want to get a quick enhancement on your hair, the Volumizer can deliver that extra touch. You can choose from these two variations:

  • 16-inch 50 grams
  • 20-inch 60 grams

Match It With Your Hair Length and Type

After looking at different items, it’s time to consider how it would work with your own hair length and type.

To start, the 120 and 150-gram extensions are ideal for those with short hair, as it is designed for volume and not necessarily length. These are also ideal for people who have thinner hair, as combining them together would look natural. However, for most people, the go-to type would be the 20-inch hair extensions. This is because it can work well for those with thin to medium thickness, especially since it adds length and volume at the same time.

The Luxurious Range with 240 and 260 grams will surely satisfy those who have naturally thicker hair. You can also make use of them even when you have shorter hair, and you just have to get them cut to match your hair level.

The Best Way To Choose The Right Hair Extension Thickness

While you are shopping around, make sure to look at your own hair and evaluate it with honest eyes. Yes, you are using hair extensions made with natural human hair, but it won’t look right if it doesn’t blend well with the hair on your head.

Even if you are only after length, you still need to get hair extensions that would match in thickness. Going with a thinner model will make your hair look awkward and stringy at the bottom.

Lastly, once you decide on your hair extensions, you can get the best results when you make a hairstyling professional handle the layering for you. This way, you can enjoy a seamless transition, and no one will be able to tell where the hair extensions begin.


At this point, you now have a lot more information on how to choose the best hair extensions for your hair. You also know how to pick the right thickness so that the extensions will blend in well with your own locks. Ultimately, working with a professional will be best to style your hair for that important meeting or event!

Explore the difference between wearing top-notch clip-in hair extensions in the UK. Try out the best Foxy Locks products by visiting our store or getting in touch with us today!

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