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There is so much that goes into planning the perfect wedding, from the ceremony to the reception program and even on to the afterparty—there are simply too many variables to factor in. With everything happening at lightning speed, you’ll want to make sure that everything is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

When it comes to getting ready for the big day, the couple surely doesn’t want to spend too much time getting dressed. There may be pre-wedding photo ops planned or a last-minute practice walk before the big moment.

The bride may need to take extra steps to prepare, as there may be some pressure to perfect the ideal wedding up-do. No matter your current hairstyle, there’s one way to make it that much faster and easier: clip-in hair extensions.

Here are the best ways that getting clip in hair extensions in the UK can make a difference on your wedding day.

1. They make your hair longer

While short hair looks just as elegant, long hairstyles give you a lot more room to play and experiment. If you’re sporting a short dark bob but are secretly wishing for that iconic and extra-feminine loose updo, some clip in hair extensions can help you achieve just that.

Good hair extensions will blend into your natural hair regardless of length, just by clipping them in. You can then style it yourself or have a stylist fix up your now long tresses for you.

2. They add a ton of volume to your hair

Some brides will discover a little too late that their ends are thinning out or may have had thin strands, to begin with. Getting that updo requires a bit more hair to work with—and this is where extensions come in. Not only do they add length, but they add some ‘oomph’ to your hair as well, making it easier to pin into an elegant updo.

The extra volume will also allow you to do styles that may look a little lacking on thinner hair. Braids and buns, for example, look more flattering when they’re fuller—and it can add some much-needed balance to your head as well! Pinning down a tiara, decorative hairpins, or even your veil will also be much easier with thicker locks!

3. They’re super versatile

No matter your hair length, colour, or texture, there’s a set of hair extensions out there for everybody. Those who have a minimum hair length of three to eight centimetres and wish to add length or fullness to hair are great candidates for extensions.

Some will opt for regular extensions while others will get something like a clip in ponytail extension to work into their styles.

Getting the extensions ready for your big day

When choosing your extensions for your wedding, be sure it matches your hair colour. For example, if you’re blonde, then you’ll want to get the right shade of blonde clip in hair extensions for your wedding day—going with the wrong shade can make it look awkward, so ensure to mix and match beforehand!

Treat your extensions like your own hair. The night before, be sure to shampoo and condition them gently and apply a light oil treatment after they’ve fully dried. Since hair extensions don’t have a natural source of moisture and oils, it’s important to add this yourself to have them looking their best for the big day.

On the day itself, curl both your extensions and natural hair to blend them together for a seamless, natural look. You can do this yourself or have it done by someone you trust, like your hairstylist or close relative.


Wedding plans are always stressful, fun, and memorable, and your wedding day look is something you’re going to keep looking back on for the rest of your life. Having the perfect hair-do is not an unreasonable expectation for one of the most important days there is—which is why having a good set of extensions is a must. And the best part? They’re so natural that nobody will be able to tell you’ve got them in!

The best bridal look requires the best clip in hair extensions in the UK. At Foxy Locks, we work to supply women from all over the world with luxurious and high-quality clip-in Remy hair extensions. To view our catalogue of hair extensions for your wedding day or any other occasion, visit our website today.

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