6th Mar 2024

Hair Growth Myths Debunked!

Hair Growth Myths Debunked!

In the ongoing quest for long, luxurious hair, it’s easy to get caught up in the myths that falsely promise miraculous hair growth. Here at Foxy Locks, we believe in grounding our advice in expert experience and evidence! In this blog post, we’re going to debunk common hair growth ‘tips and tricks’ and set the record straight, to ensure your haircare routine promotes health and nourishment as it grows long and strong.

Trimming Makes Your Hair Grow Faster

One of the most commonly circulated myths about growing your hair is that cutting it frequently encourages faster growth. Hair grows from the roots, so trimming will not affect its growth rate. However, trimming prevents split ends from working their way up the hair shaft, which can keep your hair looking healthier and fuller. It is recommended that you book a trim every 6-8 weeks. Think of this as haircare maintenance – not a growth strategy.

Expensive Products Guarantee Growth

High price tags do not equate to effectiveness when it comes to the world of luxury hair care. Look to the ingredients list to determine whether a product will suit your needs. Products that contain Argan Oil are rich in Vitamin E, which is especially beneficial for dry, brittle, or frizzy hair, to restore smoothness and shine. Keratin plays a crucial role in hair health, structure, and appearance. It works to strengthen hair by filling in the gaps in your hair cuticle. Collagen contributes toward a healthy scalp, which promotes hair growth. Collagen can also improve the appearance of the hair, for shine and vibrance. Hair health is key to encouraging growth.

Brushing 100 Times Stimulates Growth

Although this ‘hack’ has been debunked many times over the years, we can’t stress enough that it’s fundamentally untrue. Overbrushing can cause friction, which causes breakage and damage – not growth! Gentle detangling and minimal brushing are sufficient to stimulate the scalp and distribute your natural oils throughout your hair. Both of which can aid the health and appearance of your locks without compromising the integrity of your natural strands or extensions.

Hair Extensions Inhibit Natural Growth

This is a misconception we see all too often. For the sake of clarity: hair extensions do NOT inhibit natural growth! Applied correctly and well maintained, neither clip in or tape in extensions cause distress to your roots or lengths. Foxy Locks extensions are designed to blend seamlessly, providing a quick fix for length and volume while allowing your hair to grow undisturbed. To get tape-in extensions properly fitted, ensure that you visit a professional stylist.

Potions and Remedies

While a balanced diet and natural oils can nourish your hair and improve your scalp health, there’s no magic solution for instant hair growth. Hair typically grows about half an inch per month, and genetics play the most significant role in the process! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care can keep your scalp in good condition, which forms the optimum environment for hair to flourish.

Embrace the Journey

The journey to long, healthy hair is a marathon - not a sprint! Nurture your hair and have patience. Incorporating Remy hair extensions can provide satisfaction and confidence in the meantime whilst you tend to your natural locks. Remember, the best results come from understanding and meeting the unique needs of your hair.

Explore our range of luxury hair extensions and care products designed to elevate your hair game. Let’s embark on this beautiful hair journey together, armed with knowledge and the finest products tailored for your exquisite taste!