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Looking good is a must these days, but its not enough to just look good, everyone is on that level. You need to look fabulous. By choosing the UK’s best known and rated hair extensions from Foxy Locks, you will move out of the looking good tier and into the glamorously fabulous world that top tier clip in’s can afford you.

There are many hair extension brands on the world marketplace but not all of them are created equally and if you have used these types of products in the past you will know what we mean when we say that. Like in every industry there are those that offer the best products they can to the consumer and them there are those that will offer lesser grades of quality at the same prices. Instead of focusing on the product quality, marketing and glitz is more important. Because hey, if your selling enough, who cares about the end user……. Well Foxy Locks Does!

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Foxy Locks Hair products are the difference in the extendable follicle industry, the brainchild of Imogen Fox, she has worked tirelessly to create a range of hair extensions and associated products to please even the most demanding of Divas and no expense is spared in the manufacture and end quality of what you get when you buy into the Foxy Locks Brand.

But how else do they make you look amazing, well simply put the ability to alter your look and style at the drop of a hat is not something to be sniffed at, you are in control of your own look and you can tailor it to every situation making you stand out from the crowd. This level of control is powerful and effective for not only making you look great but also feeling great which should never be dismissed.

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Hair Extensions that look amazing

Elegant Seamless 120G 18″Human Hair Extensions come in 17 different colours and three more lengths and weights that have been created by master colouring technicians to give you an effortless style and look that fits in with your current style but embellishes it to make you look even more fantastic. Perfect for finer longer hair, this is a must have if thinking of buying this type of item. Check out the Mocha Toffee Ombre and the Chocolate in the regular selection and begin your journey into follicle excellence.

Deluxe Seamless 180G 20″ Human Hair Extensions are perfect for normal to medium length hair and also come in the 17 signature colour options that are used by Foxy Locks plus 1 more length and weight option. The Deluxe range of Clip in Remy Human Hair products are the most sought after range in the collection as it gives that added weighted thickness & length that all people using hair extensions regularly crave. The weight of this stunning set is 165 grams and is suitable for fine or normal hair thickness and mid length hair. Some of our favourites include Vanilla Frappe Ombre & the Sandy Blonde.

Superior Seamless 230G 22″ Human Hair Extensions will add extra volume into your already beautiful hair by adding in just that bit more weight into each weft. The result is a deeply satisfying look that is perfect for those that would prefer to increase volume subtly but also definitively. Available in the 17 elegant colour options which include favourites like Cinnamon Ginger and Latte Blonde. Get involved here with no regrets. Suitable for all hair types.

Luxurious Seamless 280G 24″ Human Hair Extensions are a maximum volume product ready to transform you into a whole new person. 280 grams of voluminous locks with ample length for you to work with. Creating a new look has never been easier, just clip in and away you go. Style how you want and wait for the complements to your seductive new image. Luxurious really is the right word to describe these unique clip ins. Coming in seventeen niche colours, we think you will look positively enchanting in the Sun kissed highlights or bring out your dark side with the Mahogany.

Get the Foxy Locks Look

Buying clip in’s is a super easy way to make yourself look fantastic without the hassle that can sometimes occur with more permanent options. You can change your style with your mood, one day a sultry pony tail the next an effortless top bun, the choice is yours and you are not held to any rules about how awesome you can look. This is taking back control of how you look and feel using ethically sourced and made products.

Don’t forget your accessories and if you have any questions please get in contact, we would love to hear from you and talk about how we can assist your transformation with our products.

We sell Hair Extensions around the world and offer Free Delivery making us an easy choice when you want to order hair extensions in the UK or USA. And would you believe that we can get products with you in just two days to the USA! We also offer the best customer service in the industry with switched on staff ready to assist you whenever needed.

Join Team Foxy Locks

Forget the rest, join Team Foxy Locks and show off your fabulous hair styles by hash tagging yourself for a re-post on our Instagram account. Nothing makes you feel better than showing off your gorgeous self feeling strong and confident on our platform and who knows maybe we will ask you to be our next model. You can follow us @foxylocksand don’t forget to use the hashtag #foxylocks in your posts.

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