5th Jul 2023

Hair Extensions for Short Hair: A Complete Guide

Hair Extensions for Short Hair: A Complete Guide

Hair styling is a wonderful outlet to express your identity, get creative, and feel good. Hair length is a major factor in the variety of styles that you can explore, with more intricate looks often being reserved for those with longer hair or more to work with. Traditionally, this restricts those with shorter lengths from enjoying the versatility and playfulness of grooming and personal style.

Having longer hair is often associated with timelessness, youth, femininity and softness. While having shorter hair can convey confidence, stylishness, professionalism and individuality. Whether you have long or short hair, there’s always a time when you wish you had the opposite. This blog specifically explores hair extension application, usage and styling for those of us with short hair who want to get inspired and experiment with new looks.

Adding Thickness

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions can be a quick and easy solution for individuals seeking to add thickness and volume to their locks without necessarily desiring extra length.

Clip-ins are a popular, short term option for adding extra thickness without the commitment of visiting a professional stylist. They can be applied and removed in under five minutes and, with the perfect shade match, blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Tape in hair extensions are a semi-permanent option for adding extra thickness. The wefts are attached to your natural hair using a thin strip of adhesive tape. These are fitted by a qualified hair stylist, and are meant to lie flat against the scalp to give them a natural look and feel.

The way to ensure your hair extensions remain undetectable is to place them strategically to avoid the wefts becoming visible. Focus on the crown and sides of your head where you naturally have more hair to cover the clips, rather than directly in your hairline or parting.

Ensure that you take into consideration the length of your extensions. Foxy Locks’ shorter length Remy clip in hair extension options are available in 14 and 16 inches, which sit roughly at collar bone to armpit length depending on the individual. Additionally, the Volumizer range is available in 16 inches to boost your locks with extra body and dimension.

Keep in mind that your hair extensions can always be cut down or trimmed to your personal preference in order to suit your desired length, however this does void our returns policy. If you’re ever in doubt – get in touch with our team, we’re happy to help!

Adding Length

Transforming your short hair into long, flowing locks can be a game changer. Achieving your dream hair without the hassle of the growth process, or the sacrifice of your hair’s health is just as straightforward and easy to achieve.

The key to adding undetectable length to your hair lies within the preparation of your natural locks prior to starting the application process of extensions. If you’re using clip-in hair extensions, follow these straightforward instructions:

1.Begin with your usual hair wash routine, using a clarifying shampoo and nourishing conditioner. Spritz on a heat defense treatment before drying thoroughly.

2.Once your hair is dry, detangle your lengths and set your desired parting.

3.Prepare your extensions. Brush them through to remove any knots and smooth out.

4.Section out the bottom third of the back of your hair. This is where your lengths are the shortest and possibly bluntest, which may present difficulty when blending with the extensions.

5.Clipping the rest of your hair out of the way, you’re going to create a ‘hair nest’ with the bottom third. Take the hair into a ponytail and begin twisting and wrapping it around itself, securing at the nape of your neck with enough hairgrips to be sturdy and hold the weight of extensions without slippage.

6.Begin applying your first weft of hair extensions just above the parting where you created your hair net. The clips of the hair extension will insert into, and cling to the wrapped hair allowing for a secure hold.

7.Take down the rest of your hair from its clip and section off the next parting up to add in your extension wefts.

8.Slightly tease the root of your hair to fix the clip in weft into place. Repeat this process all over the hair, using the smaller wefts towards the front of your face.

9.For best results with seamlessly blending your extensions on short hair, the right styling is your friend! Straightening or curling the extensions and your natural hair as one will create a gorgeously natural appearance.

10.Finish the look by adding a beautiful glossy sheen using Foxy Locks Luxury Gold Hair Oil to rehydrate and nourish your hair.

Clip In Ponytails

Classic updos are not just for those of us blessed with lusciously long locks! If you feel like you have a lackluster pony, or the ends are looking a little too short and stubby for your liking, try using the Foxy Locks clip in ponytail to add extra length and thickness. As long as your hair is long enough to set the foundations of the pony, you’re good to go!

Brush and smooth your hair into place as you normally would, fixing any flyaways with gel or hairspray to create a chic, slick look. Once your ponytail is fixed at your desired height and secured into place using a hairband, you’re ready to apply the extension ponytail!

Slide the clip section into the top of the base of your ponytail, ensuring it’s fixed firmly and you’re not going to have any movement. Then, wrap the smaller section of hair from the extension tightly around the base of your ponytail, encasing your natural hair. Depending on the length of your existing ponytail, the extension should completely blend and cover it. This will create a stunning, swishable ponytail that can then be styled according to your liking!

To conclude, having shorter hair doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy getting creative with your styling, or mean that you miss out on the versatility of extra length. Have fun with your look and tag us on socials if you try out any of our tips and tricks!