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When you see Instagram photos of girls with voluminous, perfect hair, it almost looks too good to be real. Hair extensions are a wonderful tool in getting that supermodel vibe, but you don’t really know what to expect if you’re new to using them. Here’s a friendly beginner’s guide to getting hair extensions.

Check the Pricing

On the market, you might see the same style of hair extension on different price points. Pull back the urge to add the cheapest one to your cart as the quality of that type of hair extensions may be disappointing.

Hair extension prices usually depend on the material. Human hair is a little more on the expensive side, while synthetic hair is cheaper. Read through the description and consider whether the price is reasonable and within budget.

Ask the Details

You have your options between natural, synthetic and Remy hair. Natural hair is optimal if you’re looking for extensions you can curl, straighten and colour. Synthetic will look a little faux but will allow you to experiment with different styles on your head.

Meanwhile, Remy hair is healthy and unprocessed human hair that provides an incomparably soft texture. Remy hair is probably the most popular choice, but is also high-quality. Verify whether the stores you’re buying from are legit.

Decide whether you want single-drawn or double-drawn hair as well. You can differentiate single-drawn and double-drawn hair by their length and thickness. Single-drawn extensions usually have the hair thickest at the top before fraying down. Double-drawn will look full from the roots to the tips.

Book a Good Stylist

It would help to have someone with more experience apply the hair extensions on you, especially if it’s the first time. A professional would know how to make the style look good and how to secure the hair extensions on your head. This lessens the chances of hair damage when they remove the extensions as well.

During the session, ask for tips about colour-matching and placement. It’ll come in handy for when you want to put on the hair extensions by yourself.

Alter Your Hair Care

Everyone’s hair is different, and it becomes even more unique when you have the hair extensions on. Personalise your routine for the duration of having hair extensions on, from the brushing to the washing. Curly or wavy hair will need a little more TLC than other hair types.

Just try to use hair care products that would strengthen your natural hair strands. You can wash Remy hair extensions, but other variations may suffer when exposed to water. Be sure to blow-dry the hair extension bonds (roots).

Sleep With Caution

Being a heavy sleeper at night can mean consequences for your extensions. Two precautions you can take are sleeping in a loose ponytail and getting a silk pillowcase. Both will minimise any damage that will get to your hair and extensions, even as you toss and turn in bed.


When you finally get hair extensions, you might not even want to take them off. It can really help with feeling fabulous and empowered. Just don’t forget about the aftercare to let the extensions last a long life span, so you get your money’s worth.

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