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Hair extension trends are changing all the time. A new trend can soar in popularity seemingly overnight, and a look that you didn’t expect to see can become fashionable.

We looked at data from Google to find out what hair extension-related searches people are making right now, how they’re planning on switching up their style, and what’s most likely to trend in 2022.

The main stats

Based on our data, there are just under 275,000 searches for hair extension-related queries in the UK every month – that’s one hair extension-related search term every ten seconds! Let’s look at some of these search terms and what they could indicate.

Image displaying different hair themed search termsSearch term infographic

One standout stat is the search volume for ‘permanent hair extensions for short hair’. The number of people searching for this term has increased by 332% over the last year – and an incredible 2000% over the last two years. This stat shows that people are looking for more long-term solutions that don’t require regular maintenance as opposed to short fixes. If you’re one of these people, check out our blog post on the different types of hair extensions – including clip-ins – to see what options are available to you.

In addition, UK searches for ‘mini tape in hair extensions’ have increased by 431% over the last year. Generally considered a low-maintenance option, tape-in hair extensions are taped beforehand and then attached or glued to the sides of a person’s hair – typically at a hairdresser’s salon. They’re easy to apply and remove, lay flat to the head, and work for almost any type of lifestyle – so, all things considered, it’s little wonder that so many people are searching for these types of extensions.

Another notable stat is that searches for ‘real hair clip in extensions’ have increased by 90% in England during the last 12 months. By contrast, searches for ‘synthetic hair extensions’ have dropped by 21% during the same period. This contrast illustrates that people in England generally favour human hair extensions over the synthetic alternative.

Hair extension searches by city

As well as looking at the search data for England and the rest of the UK, we decided to look at the numbers for the UK’s top 10 cities by population.

From doing this, we found that the UK’s top 10 cities alone account for more than 400 searches a day for the term ‘hair extension’ – that’s 17 searches per hour.

Infographic displaying different hair-related search terms in UK

London, Birmingham, and Manchester alone account for nearly 250 searches a day for the term ‘hair extensions’ – or one search every six minutes.

Birmingham is officially the UK’s capital of human hair extensions. More people per capita searched for ‘human hair extensions’ in the UK’s ‘second city’ than anywhere else in the country.

Manchester, on the other hand, is the UK’s curly hair capital. More people per capita searched for ‘curly hair extensions’ and ‘curly ponytail extensions’ in Manchester than any other major UK city.

Liverpool and Glasgow also yielded some interesting results when we looked into the search data for hair extensions. Below is a summary of what we found most eye-catching:

Hair extension searches in Liverpool

Infographic showing different hair extension searches in Liverpool
  • More people per capita search for ‘hair extensions’ in Liverpool than in any other of the UK’s 10 major cities, with more than one search every hour on average.
  • There are more searches for ‘real hair extensions’ per capita in Liverpool than in any other major UK city.
  • There are more searches for ‘clip in extensions’ per capita in Liverpool and Glasgow than in any other major UK city.


Infographic showing different search terms in Glasgow
  • Glasgow has seen a bigger growth in searches for hair extensions than any other major UK city, with a 63% increase over the last year.
  • Glasgow is also by far the most popular city when it comes to searches for clip-in hair extensions per capita.
  • More people per capita searched for ‘uncommon’ hair extensions in Glasgow than any other major UK city, i.e., extensions that aren’t black, brown, blonde, or ginger.

Other hair extension stats

Here are some other stats you might find interesting.

Image showing hair extension stats
Infographic showing number of hair-related searches

The expert’s view

So, what do some of the above stats tell us? And what else should we look out for in 2022? To find out, we spoke to Imogen Fox, our founder, to get her thoughts. Here’s what she had to say:

“As we can see from our data, searches for hair extensions and related items in the hair and beauty industry are in major demand right now. Clip-in hair extensions are a much easier way of negating the need to see a salon professional, and these products can be used with ease at home without the need for anyone else to apply them for you, making them an easy and transformative product.

2022 looks set to see clip-in extensions for short hair continuing to dominate the market, with ponytail extensions gaining in popularity. There are plenty of style and length options available, particularly if you want much longer, more voluminous hair. It’s never been a better time to stay out of the salons and take charge of your own style in your own way.”

2022 looks set to be the year that extensions for short hair continue to dominate, with ponytail extensions something we’re still seeing a lot of at the moment. There are plenty of style and length options available, particularly if you want much longer, more voluminous hair.”

Get the right hair extensions for you

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