18th Jun 2021



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Almost everybody feels excited when the summer season rolls in. It is a glorious time to head to the beach, take a hike or hop in your car and enjoy a spontaneous trip. However, for your hair, it can be the most challenging time of the year. You may experience hair horror stories like dryness, frizz, and grease. So, to make your summer trips memorable and Instagrammable, you may want to take hair accessories as your best ally.

Hair accessories like luxurious scrunchies, headscarves, or ponytail extensions can do and cover a lot of your hair horror moments. It will even allow you to look your best in photos and share wonderful memories of your summer escapade. There are a plethora of hair products to choose from in today’s market, so to help you, here are some of the top summer accessories you can grace your hair and perk up the sunny season!

1. Luxury Scrunchies

It seems that scrunchies have never gone out of the picture in terms of hair accessories. Yet, it did not share the spotlight like the way others included in this list. Scrunchies were once an epitome of tack that caused embarrassing school yearbook photos in the past decades. These days, the tables have turned, and this hair accessory is now a covetable Instagram trend.

Models for Gucci to Ganni parade the catwalk with scrunchies that are a staple piece of statement. The modern versions now come in luxe fabrics like satin and velvet to make anyone’s messy bun a head-turner. Many use it to add extra glamour to any outfit and even adorn it with a matching facemask.

2. 90s Claw Clip

Bringing the vintage vibe in any modern flair is also one of the trends these days, and what better hair accessory can commemorate the past decades than the 90s claw clip. The humble piece that helped many get through the day by clipping away unmanageable hair has reemerged to see the light of day. You can style your hair any way you want; either you have a beautiful bounce or wear long clips in hair extension. Today, many influencers and celebrities are sporting this hair accessory in their Instagram posts or recent getaways.

3. Exotic Headscarf

Headscarves are the perfect addition to any long beach days. It can make balmy beaches, tropical cocktails and turquoise waters more inviting. Aside from adding a vibe to your bikini outfit, it is a lifesaver to conceal any untamable frizz from sun exposure. Its exotic design and silky texture can even perk up your Instagram feed and transform you from a sweaty mess into a beach goddess in no time. Recreate retro beach vibes or keep an updo for a funky style in your trips!

4. Bejewelled Clips

You may have seen many Instagram posts with tiny clips loaded with gems, crystals, pearls or glitter. Bejewelled clips have been the rage since 2018 and an effortless way to beautify any hair. It can vamp up any dull hairstyle and add sparkle to any summer dresses. Furthermore, you can pile up your locks into a nonchalant bun with these fashionable and functional mini embellishments. Adorn your outfit with this and bring effortless glamour as you take your photos at each summer destination.

5. Trendy Bow Hair-Ties

The digital landscape has seen how influencers sport the trendy bow hair-ties. It is a perfect addition to your random excursions or for those road trips chasing the summer sunset. Using this hair accessory can give a simple look a powerful statement. Bring your hair into a messy plait for a relaxed yet sophisticated feel or a low, loose ponytail to complete your style. In fact, bow hair ties work with any hairstyle for a gorgeous ethereal look on warm summer days!

Final Thoughts

Hair accessories make your road trips under the summer sun relaxing and fun as you won’t have to worry about how your hair will feel and even look in photos. Whether you want to have a retro vibe or be glamorous, you can always find the best hair accessory to go with your chosen outfit. So, pick your chosen ally and create Instagrammable memories that will last for a lifetime!

Even if you are not blessed with long, black hair or volumised waves, you can always use the most Instagrammable hair accessories. Try our thick clip-in human hair extensions in the UK to complete your best look and bring in the best summer vibes. Visit our store today and place your order!

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