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Are you new to the world of clip-in hair extensions? You might want to know that clip-in extensions are popular for a reason!

With clip-in extensions, you can get long, beautiful hair in an instant without the long-term commitment of other hair treatments and extensions. Whether you want to add volume or length to your look, you can switch it up for special occasions or your weekends.

Although they’re helpful, these products may seem intimidating if you are a beginner. You may have several questions, such as:

  • Is the weight going to be too much for my head?
  • Will I get a terrible headache from wearing clip-in hair extensions?
  • How do I blend the extensions with my natural hair so that nobody notices it’s fake?
  • Will my natural hair get damaged if I wear clip-in hair extensions?

These are common questions you may not know the answers to unless you start using hair extensions often. Whether you are wearing hair extensions to add length or volume to your hair, you will need some tips to get the most out of your hair extensions and ensure a gorgeous look.

This article will give you a quick guide into wearing clip in hair extensions.


The first tip for using clip-in hair extensions is to colour-match your extensions. It is vital to match your extensions to the colour of your hair as closely as possible to avoid looking fake and out-of-place. You will also have to consider the texture of your natural hair and match your hair extensions as much as possible.

Some hair companies provide colour matching services and can match your hair extensions simply through a photo of your hair.

The Art of Blending

Blending your hair extensions with your natural hair is an important skill you should learn; this will help make the extensions look as natural as possible.

You can either use a flat iron to straighten the clip-in with your natural hair or curl it in loose curls or beach wave curls together. This can help give you the look of seamless extensions.

Preventing Weft Slippage

Clip-ins are meant to be temporary, and it is a common problem for the clip-in weft to slip out. To prevent this, you want to tease and backcomb your hair enough so the clip can hold on to your hair.

You just have to give a gentle tease that ruffles up the hair near the scalp but doesn’t add much volume to your hair.

Putting Your Weft at an Angle

While it may seem weird to attach the weft at an angle, It is crucial to angle your weft when you are securing it in your hair.

Angling your weft to the side will ensure that the weft can blend in with your hair immediately after securing it. It gives you a softer and less harsh look instead of having an obvious and highly visible line if you put your weft in a perpendicular line across your head.

Stacking Your Hair Extensions

If you want more volume on your hair, you can use the stacking method. In this method, you can attach your clip-ins in a row, close to each other. This method is a quick fix if you need to add significant volume to your hair. It is also a great way to ensure that your extensions are hidden and well-blended.

Twist Your Hair at the Nape

We usually have short hair around the nape. When wearing clip-in extensions, this short hair can appear and show a difference in length, which will ruin the look.

It’s best to keep this hair hidden by twisting and pinning it down in a horizontal line with a generous amount of bobby pins. This way, it stays as close to the nape as possible and out of sight.

Adjusting to Headaches

Headaches can be a common problem when wearing clip-in hair extensions. Usually, this is because of the weight and too much tension on the head. However, you shouldn’t let this problem deter you from achieving your desired voluminous look.

You can tweak your hair extensions a bit to get rid of the headaches. It helps to wear fewer wefts to ease the weight on the head. You can also clip the wefts half an inch below your part. This ensures that the clip-in moves more freely and doesn’t pull on your hair as much.

Keep It in the Safe Zone

There is an area we call the “safe zone” when it comes to putting on hair extensions. This is the area of the hair up to which you can attach your clip-in hair extensions. This area ensures that you have enough hair to hide the weft of your clip-ins out of sight.

This area is usually below your eyebrow line. You will want to avoid putting your clips too high as you have less hair at the upper area of the head where the scalp shows.

Caring for Your Extensions

If you don’t care for your hair extensions, they can end up looking dull, dry, and frizzy. This happens when you don’t wash your extensions, use too many heat tools on them, or don’t store them properly.

If you want to get the best out of your clip-in extensions, you need to take care of them. After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin your perfect hairstyle just because of some simple steps. You can preserve the natural look of your clip-in extensions by giving them some additional care the same way you would care for your regular hair.

Also, remember that nothing lasts forever, and your clip-ins are the same way. If you have been using your clip-in hair extensions for so long and it starts to fade, be frizzy, or fall apart, it may be time to get yourself new ones.


If you love the idea of having gorgeous hair, you should definitely look into clip in hair extensions. Knowing how to use them the right way can add beautiful volume and length to your natural hair and a look that many women desire.

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