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Whether you’ve mastered the weft, weave, tape-in, tips, beads, or clip-on, hair extensions are never simple to maintain. Mats, tangles, and the nightmare that is falling off are all too tangible for salon enthusiasts who don’t adhere to an appropriate hair care regimen. Caring for natural hair extensions isn’t as mindless as your regular shampoo and conditioner—there is a lot that goes into keeping them slick and shiny.

Rule 1 – Pay Attention to Your Environment

Just as the winter can cause frizziness or summer can cause oiliness, familiar elements can cause significant clip-on hair issues. Like human hair, extensions are susceptible to UV/A and UV/B exposure from the sun, as ultraviolet wavelengths penetrate the cuticle, damaging the hair on a cellular level. As such, your extensions are prone to drying out and breaking down.

Prolong your extensions’ lifespan by minimizing sun exposure when outdoors. Equip yourself with an umbrella or loose beach hat. Pack leave-in conditioner, remoisturizing your hair throughout the day.

If you’re taking a dip in the pool or ocean, leave-in conditioner acts as a barrier between salt, chlorine, and your hair. After your swim, air or towel-dry your hair using a microfiber product. Style your hair in a low bun or big braid—nothing too restricting.

Rule 2 – Adhere to Your Morning and Evening Rituals

No, we don’t mean your before-bed meditation—we mean hair care. 80% of clip-in damage occurs in the morning and evening. Tossing, turning, and friction from your sheets can scuff the cuticle.

Every night, treat your extensions to a gentle comb-through with a detangling brush. Grip your extensions by the roots to support the bonds, brushing in a downward motion. Never brush your hair wet!

Speaking of wet, your shower routine can significantly impact the quality of your extensions. Purchase cleaning products that don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which can strip the hair of its natural oils and damage the cuticle over time. Refrain from roughly lathering your hair. Instead, comb through it with the product from weft to end.

To keep your extensions in good shape throughout the night, invest in silk pillowcases to avoid catching and tugging. Alternatively, you can bun up your hair in a silk scarf.

Rule 3 – Go Easy with Your Blow Dryer

A blow dryer will undoubtedly speed up your morning routine, but it will also microwave your hair without the appropriate protectants. Allow your hair to air dry or pre-treat your extensions to a heat protectant spray. Use your dryer on its coldest setting and use your fingers to address tangles.

If you use an iron or wand to style your hair, wait until your extensions are completely dry, applying the same heat protectant as after blow-drying. Your shiny locks will thank you, we promise.


Despite being natural, hair extensions lack the one protective element your real hair has: oils. Thus, you’re going to want to commit to a healthy routine to increase their longevity as much as possible.

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