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Fall is the perfect time to change up your hair colour or style. Whether you want to go lighter or darker or try a new cut or style, there are endless possibilities.

To help you decide what to do next, we asked top hairstylists from across the country to weigh in on the trends they think will be big this fall and winter. From rich chocolate browns to edgy pixie cuts, here’s what they predict will be popular during the fall-winter transition.

Keep in mind that hair trends are cyclical, like fashion, so what’s old is often new again. With that in mind, consider this your guide to the best hairstyles, cuts, and colours this fall.


There is a debate about whether it is better to part your hair on the side or in the middle. Stylists say that the classic ’90s blowout style looks best with a side part and long layers. This style is all about volume, movement, and layers. To achieve this gorgeous look, you want to make your hair as bouncy as possible.

Start by spraying your roots with a volumising spray, then use a blow dryer and round brush to give your hair extra body. Or, try using a volumising iron. Once your hair is dry, apply a texture spray from roots to ends to give it extra hold.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are small, thin pieces of metal that are used to hold the hair in place. They are usually used in pairs, with one pin holding the hair in place while the other secures it in place. Bobby pins can also be used to create different hairstyles by placing them in the hair in different ways.

For example, bobby pins can be used to create an updo by placing them around the perimeter of the hair, and securing it in place. Or, they can be used to create a half-up, half-down style by placing them in the hair at the crown of the head. There are endless possibilities when it comes to styling your hair with bobby pins!

If you’re not sure how to use bobby pins, don’t worry–they’re actually very easy to use. Simply take a look at a few tutorials online or ask your hairstylist for help. With a bit of practice, you’ll be a bobby pin pro in no time!


This fall, high and tight buns will be a popular hairstyle. If you like buns more than ponytails, you will love this style. It can be worn with a high-neck sweater or scarf for a fashionable look.

To achieve the style, apply a styling cream from roots to ends on either towel-dried or dry hair before putting it up in a bun. Experts recommend using Unite’s Smooth & Shine Cream. They also suggest using Conundrum Paste around the hairline or anywhere there may be flyaways to create a sleeker look. Apply this paste using a small toothbrush or even a boar-bristle brush.


The texture is everything when it comes to hair these days. Big, bouncy, and voluminous curls are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. There’s something so beautiful and confident about a woman who knows how to rock her natural texture.

If you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with curls, then you know that finding the right products is key. You want something that will enhance your natural texture and give you a defined, frizz-free look. We love Sashapure’s Perfectly Defining Curl Cream for its ability to do just that.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that are wispy and best pushed to the side of the face. They are a popular choice for people who want to change their hairstyle for fall.

Bangs can be difficult to style, but mousse can help. Apply mousse to damp hair, then style as usual. You can either blow-dry or air-dry your hair. To finish, use a texture spray for a “lived-in” look.

Flipped Ends

The flipped-out hairstyle is a voluminous, flipped-out style with side-swept bangs. Flipped ends have been popular since the 1960s and have been seen on many celebrities recently. To achieve this look, you will need a round brush.

Start by blow drying your hair straight. Once your hair is dry, use a round brush to curl the ends of your hair outwards. You can use a curling iron to touch up any areas that need more curl. Once you are happy with the curl, use your fingers to flip the ends of your hair outwards.

Finish the look by spraying a light-hold hairspray. This will help to keep the style in place and prevent the ends from flipping back in.

Hair Scarf

While out and about, Rihanna shows the world how versatile a scarf can be for hairstyling. A bright-coloured and patterned silk wrap protects hair from the elements while also being a statement piece. Hairstylists say this look would work on any length and texture of hair. This is a great way to add a pop of colour to your look and control flyaways on a windy day. Wearing a scarf like this is also a great way to protect your ears from the cold weather.


For this look, professionals start by styling your hair with a curling iron and then use a leave-in treatment. Try using Virtue’s Polish Un-Frizz Cream. They then add some Moisture Defining Whip to create volume and texture. The stylist will create the half updo by pulling hair from the front section, twisting it together, and securing it.


You shouldn’t just throw on any old headband; it should match your outfit. A simple black headband can look good with any hair length.


Fall is the best time to change your hair colour because the sun has lightened it and caused it to oxidise. A few carefully placed highlights will gradually help you transition to a dark base.

If you’re looking for a new hair colour this fall, consider going a few shades darker than your current colour. Darker hair colours are very popular this season and can be very flattering.

If you’re not sure what colour to choose, ask your stylist for help. They’ll be able to help you find a colour that compliments your skin tone and makes you look your best.

High Braid

Most expert hairstylists love Halle Berry’s hairstyle because it is both easy to do and stylish. They suggest making several simple braids and pinning them together to recreate the look. This style is great for fall because it is both easy to do and stylish.

High Pony

A high and tight ponytail is replacing the classic bun as the go-to hairstyle for fall. This style is perfect for showing off your cheekbones and keeping your hair off your shoulders when wearing sweaters.

Different hairstyles will require different techniques. For example, to achieve this high and tight look, you can first braid your hair and then seal the ends with hot water. Next, separate the front braids and pull them to the side before securing the rest of your hair in a loose ponytail. Finally, tie both sections together.

Jumbo Twists

To recreate Alicia Keys’s look at home, brush out any tangles in the hair and coat it with conditioner. Then, take two strands of hair and twist them in the right direction until you reach the end. Repeat this throughout the entire head.

Low Fishtail Braid

If you want to achieve a look that is both casual and elegant, try a fishtail braid. This style is perfect for fall weather when you want to wear sharp collars and turtlenecks. To really make your fishtail braid stand out, use hair extensions to add length.

Noir Brown

According to colourists, the most popular hair colour trend for fall is a deep, single-colour brown. They recommend using dpHue’s semi-permanent gloss in cool brown to maintain a healthy, glossy brown at home between salon appointments.


This is a great hairstyle for those who want a light and airy look. The dark roots help to add some depth and dimension to the hair, while the light-blonde ends help to brighten up the face. This is an easy-to-wear and trendy hairstyle.

The Chop

Most stylists agree that fall is the ideal time to book a haircut, specifically a big chop. People will see more shoulder-grazing haircuts with interior layers for movement or mid-length cuts. Stylists believe summer can be quite damaging on the hair, so many women see fall as the perfect time to do a big chop and get their hair back in good condition.

If you’re thinking of doing a big chop this fall, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you find a stylist you trust. This is especially important if you’re doing a major haircut like a bob or a pixie cut. Second, be prepared to maintain your new haircut. This means regular trims and maybe even some at-home styling. But don’t worry, a little extra effort will be worth it when you have a fresh, new look for the cooler months.


There are many different hair trends that are popular during the fall season. Each of these trends has something unique to offer and can help you create a stylish look that will turn heads.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out one of these popular hair trends this fall and see how amazing you look!

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