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Playing around with your hair is one of the best ways to change up your look. With hundreds of styles to try, there’s no shortage of looks you can try, no matter what the occasion or event. One of the most iconic hairstyles in history is the ponytail, which is believed to have started in ancient Greece. Frescoes depict people with high ponytails, revealing that this was an age-old style that still hasn’t gone out of fashion.

Today, ponytails are often called pop culture’s feminist weapon. Pulling the hair back to emphasise the face can give a woman more confidence. However, some face the challenge of not having enough length to rock this classic hairstyle. This is where ponytail extensions come in. If you’ve got short tresses and want to have a long, elegant ponytail every once in a while, then here are some benefits.

Benefits of Ponytail Extensions


Back then, you would’ve had to fiddle around with a set of regular extensions or even sew in a hair weave to get enough length for a ponytail. Ponytail extensions are specifically designed for the hairstyle, making them comfortable to wear all day.


Ultra-expensive hair extensions available only to a lucky few are a thing of the past. Today most people can afford a good set of hair extensions that will make their locks look long and lush. There’s no need to bother with serums, conditioners, and oils to make your hair thicker so that you can wear a nice ponytail. Simply clip in your extensions, and you can elevate your look.

Versatility and Style

With clip-in ponytail extensions, you’ll certainly be able to find a ponytail style that suits you best. There are long ponytail extensions, sets that are medium in length, wavy ponytail extensions, messy extensions, or the classic sleek and long ponytail. You can collect a variety of styles and wear them at your convenience.


Ponytail extensions are often of better quality than regular extensions that won’t blend well with your natural ponytail. These good quality extensions are also thicker and prettier to look at overall.

Easy to Use

Rather than adding multiple rows of extensions and then pulling them back into a ponytail, a clip-in ponytail extension allows you to wrap it around your ponytail quickly and easily. It also ensures that you have a seamless look between your natural hair and the extensions.

No Hair Damage

One of the best benefits of wearing ponytail extensions is that there is no damage involved when styling your hair. If you have short tresses, then it might be tempting to bleach and colour your hair to make it stand out since you can’t really play around with length. This causes extreme damage to the hair and requires a very high maintenance routine to keep the colour’s vibrancy and to pamper your bleached hair.

With ponytail extensions, you can change up your look without limiting yourself to bleach and colour. Styling your locks into a ponytail can add a bit of flair and dimension to your short hair, which isn’t as versatile as longer strands. The best part about the extensions? There’s absolutely no hair damage taking place.


Hair is a wonderful thing to experiment with because it’s so easy to manipulate. Whether you decide to chop it off, colour it, lengthen it, perm it, there’s always a way to elevate your appearance with a new hairstyle. However, sometimes going through the trouble of hair transformations at the salon just isn’t worth the time and the money. Hair extensions allow you just to clip in and go to achieve a natural and stylish looking ponytail!

Finding long-lasting human hair ponytail extensions can be difficult. Fortunately, at Foxy Locks, we supply luxurious clip-in Remy hair extensions to women all over the world. Our customers rely on our excellent products and superior customer service. Shop our extensions today!

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