22nd Mar 2023

Our favourite chick flick movie makeovers: Get the look

Our favourite chick flick movie makeovers: Get the look

There’s nothing better than a girly night in, face mask on, snacks at the ready, cuddled up in your PJs, with a chick flick on. The main components that make up a great chick flick are a relatable female lead, a hunky romantic interest, and a humorous side-kick character.

The plot has to be something along the lines of: boy likes girl, girl likes boy, some kind of complication (disagreement, miscommunication, involvement from evil villain), a grand gesture (apology along the lines of holding a boombox on the lawn outside a bedroom window), and finally: boy gets the girl, girl gets the boy. It’s a recipe for success every. single. time.

If you strike gold with the chick flick scoring system, the movie has all these things and a bonus element: a makeover. It’s the making of a great character arc, a transformative moment in the plot that pivots the trajectory of the movie. We’ve identified some of the best chick flick movie makeovers, and how you can achieve their iconic looks.

Clueless – Tai Frasier – Brittany Murphy

The 90’s classic ‘Clueless’ documents the extravagant lifestyle of Beverly Hills High School student Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone. Befriending the new student – a shy and lofty Tai (played by legendary Brittany Murphy), Cher and her best friend Dionne band together to give Tai the makeover that helps to launch her social status.

Tai is known for having a skater style, think baggy tomboy jeans, relaxed flannel shirts, and a natural face. Once Cher and Dionne have worked their magic, she swaps the jeans for preppy plaid miniskirts, oversized fits for figure-hugging ones, and gorgeous cherry red mane tamed to frame her face.

Her grungy, easy-going aesthetic can be easily adapted to fit with a modern audience. Pretty plaits, ringlet curls, and auburn hues in your hair are not far from the 2023 trends of today, mimicking that of Tai’s tastes.

Pretty Woman – Vivian Ward – Julia Roberts

In this rom-com royalty, Hollywood beauty Vivian (played by Julia Roberts) and businessman Edward (played by Richard Gere), overcome the odds of their contrasting backgrounds and lifestyles to form an unlikely attachment to each other.

Edward, being a wealthy entrepreneur, finances Vivian to accompany him to social events, one being a glamorous opera. Wearing a stunning off-the-shoulder scarlet ballgown and matching lip, with white gloves, a ruby necklace and a stunning side updo, Vivian steals the show for the climax of the movie.

Mimic the enviable volume of the late 80s and early 90s with a big, bouncy blowout. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal, we recommend the luxury shampoo & conditioner duo, and give a rough dry using a hairdryer. Spritz in some texturizing spray, then use a round bristle brush to shape and curl the hair away from your face whilst blow-drying on a hot setting. Set the hair using Velcro rollers, and once the full head is completed and cooled, use hairspray to fully set it in place. When you take out your rollers – you should have gravity-defying volume, perfect for manipulating into an updo or leaving down.

The Princess Diaries – Mia Thermopolis – Anne Hathaway

Entering into the 2000s, we have Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia. Or Mia for short. Played by Anne Hathaway, Mia is a ‘normal’ girl right up until her 16th birthday when her grandmother contacts her for the first time.

It is revealed in this visit, that Mia is royal. Proceeding the spend the remainder of the movie finding the balance between her regular lifestyle and her duties as a princess, Mia begins by undergoing one of the more dramatic chick flick movie makeovers.

Brows are plucked, glasses are swapped for contacts, and the bare face is swapped for a light, age-appropriate noughties glam. Most notably, Mia’s frizzy curls are tamed into a flattering, side-parted, straight look. We love natural curls, and wouldn’t agree that it was a necessary step in Mia’s transformation, however, if you’re looking to achieve a similar style then be sure to use a heat protectant to not cause any long-term damage! Depending on your hair’s thickness, section out the top and bottom to be sure you catch every strand. Use a flat-iron straightener, and even tease at the roots for additional volume when sweeping your hair on either side of the parting.

Wild Child – Poppy Moore – Emma Roberts

Last but certainly not least, we have Cali teen bad girl Poppy Moore, played by America’s sweetheart Emma Roberts. In the rebellion of her father’s new girlfriend moving in, Poppy throws a party that ends up with her being shipped off to an English boarding school to ruminate on and rectify her wild ways.

Whilst attending Abbey Mount boarding school, Poppy befriends her misfit group of well-intentioned roommates, who she equally leads astray as they set her on the right path. Poppy also encounters heartthrob Freddie, the son of Head Teacher Mrs Kingsley, who could be her ticket out of there … or the reason she may want to stay?

Becoming a true English Rose and adapting to her new surroundings, Poppy undergoes a huge makeover, taking her from blonde, bimbo barbie girl, to classically brunette girl-next-door. If we had to guess, we’d say Poppy transforms from being a Platinum 26” Hair Extension to a Milk Chocolate 16”. Opting for a more natural appearance, her new look steers the ship into her becoming a more wholesome, kind-hearted, welcoming young woman.