20th Dec 2023

New Year Hair Resolutions

New Year Hair Resolutions

New year new you! It may be cringe but the changing year provides the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and new beginning. Whatever your personal goals are for 2024, there’s always a chance to breathe new life into your locks.

In this blog post, we’ll explore all the crucial tips and tricks to be aware of for unlocking radiant, healthy and effortlessly chic hair. Whether it’s a style switch up or embrace a new care routine, join us as we guide you through how we’ll be committing to self-care and showstopping locks.

1.No More Dead Ends

It may be harsh but in case you needed to hear it: let go of the attachment to length for the sake of your frazzled ends. Book a salon visit, chop off the dead hair and kiss goodbye to locks that feel straggly and unhealthy. Having a regular trim is essential to stop split ends in their tracks and prevent them from extending up the hair shaft. Not only will your hair be healthier and stronger, but it will also appear thicker and more even. You don’t even have to cut off a dramatic amount to see a huge improvement, about an inch or so from the bottom depending on when your last haircut was.

2.No More Overprocessing

If you’ve spent all of this year colouring or bleaching your hair, it might be time to lay off the DIY in 2024. The box dyes that are available from supermarkets and beauty supply stores are not formulated to the same standard as professional hair colour. Box dyes for home use contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that can seriously damage your hair health with repeated use. Untrained hands are not likely to know the correct application techniques to prevent banding, fading and stringiness. Professionals are able to guide you through corrective processes and major colour transformations, don’t reach straight for the peroxide!

3.No Excessive Heat

Now don’t get us wrong, there’s always time and place for a bouncy blowout or a sleek straightened look, but perhaps not every day… High temperatures can melt the Keratin in your follicles which is essential for elasticity. Natural oils are also stripped away and the water molecules within your strands evaporate which changes the hair’s protein structure. Consistent heat exposure can break down the bonds in your hair which makes it weaker and even more prone to damage. In 2024, we’re definitely using heat defence products and keeping heat styling to a minimum. Embrace your hair’s natural texture or opt for heatless hair styles as much as possible. When using hot tools, do not exceed 180 degrees.

4.Do Experiment

Life is for living! If you haven’t experimented with a new look in a hot minute then maybe this is your year. A new shade, length or style could be exactly what you need to start the year on a high note! We’ve all heard the cliché of new year new you, but it could provide the perfect opportunity for reinvention and excitement. Changes don’t need to be dramatic, you could even opt for subtle layers or babylights to ease you into the transformation process. Trends change constantly and you don’t want to be left behind with an outdated hair style. Embrace change and upgrade your look.

5.Do Treat Your Hair

Regular moisture treatments, hair masks or deep conditioners should be part of your haircare routine. There is no excuse for dryness when there is an abundance of solutions available at all price points. If you visit a professional, you could enquire about K18 or Olaplex treatments for rebuilding hair bonds and strengthening your locks. At home, wash and condition your hair as normal and follow up with our Argan Oil Deep Hydrating Hair Masque. Post hair wash routine, maximize your hair’s glossy appearance by evenly applying our Luxury Gold Hair Oil as a nourishing heat protectant product.

6.Do Take Vitamins

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential for your body to function properly. Growing new cells, specifically hair follicles in this case, is part of your body’s day to day activity. Plenty of fruits, veggies and wholefoods like lentils, nuts and grains are key components of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. By ensuring you’re consuming the recommended amounts, you give your body the chance to repair itself and promote hair growth. Common supplements associated with hair growth include iron, biotin, selenium or zinc, which you can take if you’re found to have deficiencies of. Always speak to a GP or medical professional before starting a treatment you’re unsure of.

From all of us here at Foxy Locks HQ, we wish you a very happy and healthy 2024!